List of Recurring Characters in Postman Pat - C


Julian Clifton — Seven year old schoolchild and the only known child of Postman Pat and Sara.
Pat CliftonPostman, main character and primary protagonist; husband of Sara and father of Julian. Always manages to land himself in difficult and/or amusing situations, he is friends with almost everyone in Greendale and the surrounding countryside of whom he meets on his rounds.
Sara Clifton — Married to Pat, Sara is a stay-at-home mother. She has a fairly insignificant role in the show but remains structurally integral to the character cast. "Postman Pat and the Big Surprise" mentioned Sara once worked in a Post Office.
Mat Clifton — Pat's American cousin and Julian's uncle and appeared in "Postman Pat's Pirate Treasure" since he hid the Greendale cup years ago when he was young. He came to Greendale to find it with the help from Pat, Julian and Meera in time for the Flower Show.

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