List of Reborn! Antagonists - Kokuyo Gang - Chrome Dokuro

Chrome Dokuro

Chrome Dokuro is a loyal 13-year-old vessel of Mukuro and one of the newest members of the gang. She is originally a girl named Nagi who was found by Mukuro when on the verge of death after her attempt to rescue a cat from traffic accident at the cost of her right eye and several of her organs. Mukuro allowed her to live by creating illusionary organs for her with his illusion, intertwining their existence. She became co-Mist Guardian of Vongola, fighting against Mammon in the Ring Conflict, which result on her lost until Mukuro switched place with her and defeats Mammon. A week after Mukuro's release from Vendicare prison, she was kicked out from the gang by Mukuro and begins living on her own in Namimori with Tsuna and his friends. The reason of her discard was revealed during the third day of Representative Battle; it was because of her own dilemma between wanting to be acknowledged as individual and wanting to keep living with Mukuro's illusionary organs, causing her health deteriorating. This left Mukuro no choice but to keep her at distance from him. However, she's able to overcome her dilemma and recreate her organs with her own power, defeating two Vindices with hers and Mukuro's combined power. As she and Mukuro shared one body, she's able to use two of Mukuro's six skills. However, once Mukuro was freed from Vendicare Prison, she can no longer use this ability. She used to use the same trident like Mukuro as her main weapon, but after she was discarded from the gang, the spikes of her trident reduced to one. She is voiced by Satomi Akesaka in the Anime.

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