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Tofu Ono

Dr. Tofu Ono (小乃東風, Ono Tōfū?) is a chiropractor who runs a moxibustion and acupuncture clinic in Nerima. His office is located near the Tendo dojo. He has known their family for a long time. In addition to his medical skills, he is very knowledgeable about martial arts techniques. He uses his knowledge of pressure points and other medicine to help Ranma and the others. He is hopelessly in love with Kasumi. Whenever he sees her, his glasses fog up and he becomes nervous, losing the ability to focus on what he is doing, which can prove dangerous for any patient he may be treating at the moment. Kasumi is completely oblivious to the effect she has on him, dismissing any of his unusual actions, presumably because she has never seen him act differently. In a similar manner, Dr. Tofu was unaware of the crush Akane had on him at the series' beginning; he was the reason she grew her hair long. She gave up on him after her hair was cut short in a freak accident. For a time, he employed both Genma and Shampoo as assistants. He all but disappeared from the cast after the moxibustion manga arc.

He is voiced by Yūji Mitsuya in the Japanese anime and by Ian Corlett (Seasons 1-5) and Kirby Morrow (Seasons 6-7) in English. In the Live Action Special, he is played by Shōsuke Tanihara.

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