List of Railway Stations in The Democratic Republic of The Congo - Stations Served By Passenger Trains

Stations Served By Passenger Trains

Station name Route(s)
Aketi Aketi – Bumba
Aketi – Isiro
Andoma (Liénart) Aketi – Isiro
Bangu Kinshasa EstMatadi
Bukama Ilebo – Lubumbashi
Bumba Aketi – Bumba
Demba Ilebo – Lubumbashi
Dibaya Ilebo – Lubumbashi
Dilolo Dilolo – Lubumbashi
Dulia Aketi – Isiro
Guba Dilolo – Lubumbashi
Ilebo – Lubumbashi
Kabalo – Lubumbashi
Ilebo Ilebo – Lubumbashi
Isiro Aketi – Isiro
Kabalo Kabalo – Kindu
Kabalo – Lubumbashi
Kabongo Kabalo – Lubumbashi
Kaloko Kabalo – Lubumbashi
Kamina Ilebo – Lubumbashi
Kabalo – Lubumbashi
Kananga Ilebo – Lubumbashi
Kaniama Ilebo – Lubumbashi
Kasaji Dilolo – Lubumbashi
Kasese Kisangani Gare – Ubundu
Katutu Kabalo – Lubumbashi
Kazangulu Kinshasa Est – Matadi
Kibamba Kabalo – Kindu
Kibombo Kabalo – Kindu
Kilembo Kinshasa Est – Matadi
Kilomètre 82 Kisangani Gare – Ubundu
Kimiala Kinshasa Est – Matadi
Kindu Kabalo – Kindu
Kinshasa Est Kinshasa Est – Matadi
Kisangani Gare Kisangani Gare – Ubundu
Kisantu Kinshasa Est – Matadi
Kolwezi Dilolo – Lubumbashi
Komba Aketi – Isiro
Kongolo Kabalo – Kindu
Kuyi Kinshasa Est – Matadi
Likasi Dilolo – Lubumbashi
Ilebo – Lubumbashi
Kabalo – Lubumbashi
Likeri Kabalo – Kindu
Lubudi Ilebo – Lubumbashi
Kabalo – Lubumbashi
Lubumbashi Dilolo – Lubumbashi
Ilebo – Lubumbashi
Kabalo – Lubumbashi
Lubumbashi – Sakania
Lufu Kinshasa Est – Matadi
Luishia Dilolo – Lubumbashi
Ilebo – Lubumbashi
Kabalo – Lubumbashi
Luputa Ilebo – Lubumbashi
Madimba Kinshasa Est – Matadi
Malanga Kinshasa Est – Matadi
Malela Kabalo – Kindu
Malonga Dilolo – Lubumbashi
Matadi Kinshasa Est – Matadi
Mokambo Lubumbashi – Sakania
Mutshatsha Dilolo – Lubumbashi
Mweka Ilebo – Lubumbashi
Mwene Ditu Ilebo – Lubumbashi
Ngwena Kabalo – Lubumbashi
Nsongo Kinshasa Est – Matadi
Sakania Lubumbashi – Sakania
Samba Kabalo – Kindu
Songololo Kinshasa Est – Matadi
Tenke Dilolo – Lubumbashi
Ilebo – Lubumbashi
Kabalo – Lubumbashi
Ubundu Kisangani Gare – Ubundu
Zobia Aketi – Isiro
Zofu Kabalo – Lubumbashi

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