List of Punk Rock Bands, 0–K - J


Band name Origin Years active Brief summary
The Jabbers USA 1977-84, 2003–present
The Jam Woking, Surrey, England, UK 1972–82 A highly celebrated British band, both popularly and critically. Their early recordings were harder and more aggressive, while subsequent works honed the sounds of the late 1970s mod revival movement.
Jack Off Jill Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA 1992–2000 A gothic punk/riot grrl band.
Jawbox Washington, D.C., United States 1989–97, 2009
Jawbreaker San Francisco, California, USA 1988–96 A very influential band which has often been credited with the beginning of modern emo music, though they differ greatly from what is considered emo music today.
J Church San Francisco, California, USA 1992-2007
Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine Los Angeles, California, USA 2008–present A hardcore punk band founded by Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra.
Jerry's Kids Boston, Massachusetts, USA 1981–85, 1987–?, 2004–present A hardcore punk band.
Jersey Burlington, Ontario, Canada 1996-2005, 2011–present
JFA Phoenix, Arizona, USA 1981–present A hardcore skate punk band. Initials stand for Jodie Foster's Army.
Jimmy Eat World Mesa, Arizona, USA 1993–present A pop punk/emo band.
J.M.K.E. Tallinn, Estonia 1986–present
Joan Jett Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, USA 1975–present
Johnie All Stars Medellín, Colombia 1997–present
Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains Brattleboro, Vermont USA ?-2007 Folk punk band fronted by Pat the Bunny.
Jon Cougar Concentration Camp San Diego, California, USA 1994–present A pop punk band.
Johnny Socko Bloomington, Indiana, USA 1990-2002
The Joykiller Huntington Beach, California, USA 1995–2003 A side project band of Jack Grisham of T.S.O.L.
Jr. Gone Wild Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 1982-95
Judge New York City, USA 1987–91 A straight edge hardcore punk band.
Jughead's Revenge Los Angeles, California, USA 1988–2001, 2009–present
Justice League California, USA 1983-88

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