List of Punk Rock Bands, 0–K - C


Band name Origin Years active Brief summary
Cage the Elephant Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA 2006–present A band that puts a mix of blues, punk, rock, and indie music into their songs.
Cancer Bats Toronto, Canada 2004–present A hardcore punk/sludge metal band.
Candiria Brooklyn, New York City, United States 1992–present A fusion band, hi mixing hardcore punk, jazz, and heavy metal.
Capdown Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England, UK 1997–2007 A ska punk band.
Capitalist Casualties Santa Rosa, California, USA 1987–present A hardcore crust punk band
Carburetor Dung Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1991–present A Malaysian anarcho-punk group
Cardiac Kidz San Diego, California, USA 1978–81 An American street punk band. Multiple Killed By Death appearances known also as first punk band to appear on San Diego TV.
Care Bears on Fire Brooklyn, New York, USA 2007–present An all girl pop punk band.
Career Soldiers San Diego, California, USA 2002–09 An American hardcore punk/street punk band.
Career Suicide Toronto, Ontario, Canada 2001–present
Carpathian Melbourne, Australia 2003-11
The Carrier Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2006-12
Cartel Conyers, Georgia, USA 2003–present
The Casualties Jersey City, New Jersey, USA 1990–present A street punk band.
Catch 22 East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA 1996-present A third wave ska band notable for launching the career of Tomas Kalnoky.
Catholic Discipline Los Angeles, California, USA 1979–80 A Los Angeles punk band notable for appearing in The Decline of Western Civilization.
Caustic Christ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 2000–present A crust punk band.
Cauterize Oshawa, Ontario, Canada 1995–2007 A pop punk band.
CCCP Fedeli alla linea Reggio Emilia, Italy 1982–90 A genre-bending punk/industrial/electropop/world band.
Cerebral Ballzy New York, New York, USA 2008–present
Ceremony Rohnert Park, California, USA 2005–present Began as a hardcore punk band and shifted to a post-punk style.
Chain of Strength California, USA 1988–91 An influential Southern California straight edge hardcore band.
Chainsaw Brussels, Belgium 1976-78
Champion Seattle, Washington, USA 1999–2006 A youth crew band.
A Change of Pace Peoria, Arizona, USA 2001–2011
Channel 3 Cerritos, California, USA 1980–present A hardcore punk band.
Chaos UK Portishead, Somerset, England 1979–present A politically charged English hardcore punk group.
Charged GBH Birmingham, West Midlands, England 1978–present Pioneers of English hardcore punk.
Charles Bronson Chicago, Illinois, USA 1994–97 A powerviolence/thrashcore band.
Charta 77 Köping, Sweden 1983–present A prolific Swedish punk/pop rock band.
Cheap Sex San Diego, California, USA 2002–07 An American street punk band.
Chelsea London, England 1976–present An English punk rock band.
Chemical People Los Angeles, California, USA 1986-97
Cherry Poppin' Daddies Eugene, Oregon, USA 1989–present A funk–ska punk band that later integrated into the swing revival of the late 1990s.
Children 18:3 Morris, Minnesota, USA 1999–present An American Christian punk band
The Chinkees San Francisco, California, USA 1998-2003
Chixdiggit Calgary, Alberta, Canada 1991–present
Chokehold Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 1990–96 A vegan straight edge hardcore punk band.
Choking Victim New York City, USA 1992–93, 1995–97, 1999, 2005–06 A crust punk/ska punk band describing themselves as "crack rocksteady".
Christ on Parade San Francisco, California, USA 1985-89
Chumbawamba Leeds, West Yorkshire, England 1982–present A one-hit wonder British anarcho-punk band.
Circle Jerks Hermosa Beach, California, USA 1979–89, 1994–95, 2001–present A hardcore punk band formed by former Black Flag singer Keith Morris (and future/current Bad Religion guitarist Greg Hetson).
Citizen Fish Bath, Somerset, England 1990–present A ska punk band with a member from the Subhumans.
CIV New York City, New York, USA 1994–2000 A New York hardcore band featuring members of Gorilla Biscuits.
Civet Long Beach, California, USA
The Clash Notting Hill, London, England 1976–86 A highly influential and widely acclaimed punk rock band with reggae influences. As they put it, "the only band that matters".
Classics of Love Emeryville, California, USA 2008–present A hardcore punk band fronted by Operation Ivy's Jesse Michaels.
Clit 45 Long Beach, California, USA 1996–2006 A street punk band.
Closet Monster Ajax, Ontario, Canada 1997–2005, 2009
Cobra Osaka, Japan 1982–91, 1999–2005, 2007–present One of the first Japanese Oi! bands.
Cobra Skulls Reno, Nevada, USA 2005–present
Cock Sparrer East End, London, England 1974–78, 1982–84, 1992–present An influential working class Oi! band.
Cockney Rejects East End, London, England 1977–present A hugely influential Oi! band whose single "Oi, Oi, Oi" was the inspiration for the name of the genre itself.
Cocobat Japan 1991–present A Japanese hardcore punk band.
The Code Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 2000–2006
Code 13 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 1995–2000
Cólera São Paulo, Brazil 1979–present An influential Brazilian hardcore punk band.
Color Osaka, Japan 1985–95 Credited as one of the bands to start the Japanese visual kei movement.
Colossal Chicago, Illinois, USA 2003-07
Combat 84 Chelsea, London, England 1981–84, 2000 A British punk rock/oi! band.
Comeback Kid Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 2002–present A hardcore punk band.
Condemned 84 Ipswich, Suffolk, England 1980–present A British punk rock/oi! band.
Conflict Eltham, London, England 1981–present A British punk rock/street punk band who helped to push issues such as animal rights and nuclear disarment in the limelight.
Consorzio Suonatori Indipendenti Italy 1992–2000 An Italian punk band composed of former members of CCCP Fedeli alla linea.
Consumed Nottingham, England 1994–2003
Converge Salem, Massachusetts, USA 1990–present A band blending hardcore punk and metal.
The Cooters Oxford, Mississippi, USA 1993–present
Corrosion of Conformity Raleigh, North Carolina, USA 1982–present One of the first bands to fuse heavy metal with hardcore punk, but later only played straight metal.
The Cost San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA 1999–2003 A San Francisco Bay Area punk rock band.
Count Me Out Richmond, Virginia, USA 1997–2003 A straight edge melodic hardcore group.
The Cramps Sacramento, California, USA 1976–2009 An influential psychobilly band.
Crass Epping, Essex, England 1977–84 A British anarcho-punk band.
The Creepshow Burlington, Ontario, Canada 2005–present A rockabilly punk band.
Crime San Francisco, California, USA 1976–82; 2007–present An early US punk rock band, notable for releasing the first single released by a U.S. punk act from the West Coast, "Hot Wire My Heart", which was later covered by Sonic Youth.
Crime in Stereo New York, New York, USA 2002-10
The Criminals Berkeley, California, USA 1994–2001
Crimpshrine Berkeley, California, USA 1982–present An influential DIY punk band from the San Francisco Bay Area.
Cringer Hawaii, USA 1985-91
Crisis England 1978–81 A politically charged punk rock group.
Cro-Mags New York City, USA 1982–present One of the founders of the New York City hardcore scene.
The Crucified Fresno, California, USA 1984–93 A Christian crossover thrash group.
Crucifix Berkeley, California, USA 1980–84 A D-beat/anarcho-punk band.
The Crucifucks Lansing, Michigan, USA 1981-89, 96-98
Los Crudos Chicago, Illinois, USA 1991–98
Cruel Hand Portland, Maine, USA 2006–present
Crumbsuckers Baldwin, New York, USA 1982-89 Pioneers of the thrash genre.
Crying Nut Seoul, South Korea 1993–present An influential punk band from South Korea. They released 6 albums.
Cunter Brampton, Ontario, Canada 2009–present
Cursed Canada 2001–08 A hardcore punk band.
The Cute Lepers Seattle, Washington, USA 2007–present
Cypher in the Snow San Francisco, California, USA 1996–98 An all-woman queercore group.

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