List of Programs and Colleges For Non-traditional Students

The following are tertiary education institutions, or programs within parent institutions, that are specifically intended for non-traditional students in North America. There is also a ranking of top schools and programs for non-traditional students available at U.S. Top Schools/Programs for Non-traditional Students | Higher Education Rankings by IVRI

  • Agnes Scott College: The Irene K. Woodruff return-to-college program
  • Brown University: Returning Undergraduate Educational Program
  • Bryn Mawr College: McBride Program
  • Charter Oak State College:
  • Columbia College (Missouri): A private, non-profit, coeducational liberal arts and sciences college
  • Columbia University School of General Studies: Undergraduate college for nontraditional students at Columbia University
  • Connecticut College: Return to College Program
  • Empire State College, State University of New York:
  • Excelsior College, University of the State of New York:
  • Fordham University: Fordham College of Liberal Studies
  • Harvard University Extension School: Continuing Studies at Harvard
  • Mount Holyoke College: Frances Perkins Program
  • Northeastern University: The College of Professional Studies
  • Northwestern University: School of Continuing Studies
  • University of Pennsylvania: College of Liberal & Professional Studies
  • Simmons College (Massachusetts): Dorothea Lynde Dix Scholars Program
  • Smith College: Ada Comstock Scholars Program
  • Thomas Edison State College:
  • Trinity College:
  • Tufts University: Resumed Education for Adult Learners Program
  • University of Toronto: University of Toronto Millie Rotman Shime Academic Bridging Program
  • University of Washington: Evening Degree Program
  • Vassar College: Exploring Transfer Program
  • Washington University:
  • Wellesley College: Non-Traditional Programs
  • Yale College: Eli Whitney Students Program
  • York University (Canada): York University - Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students
  • Jacksonville University: Nursing Degree Program

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