List of Premodern Combat Weapons - Melee Weapons - Hand or Fist Weapons and Fans

Hand or Fist Weapons and Fans

Single-handed weapons not resembling a straight dagger blade, usually wielded without wrist action; often protects the forearm.

  • Bagh nakh, tiger claws (Indian subcontinent)
  • Brass Knuckles, knuckle dusters (Europe)
  • Cestus, bladed cestus, caestus, myrmex, sphairai (Mediterranean)
  • Deer horn knives (China)
  • Finger knife (Africa)
  • Gauntlets (Europe)
  • Indian parrying weapon (India)
  • Katar, Suwaiya (कटार) (South Asia)
  • Korean fan, Mubuchae (무부채), tempered birch fan (Korea)
  • Madu, buckhorn parrying stick, Maru (South Asia)
  • Nyepel, Larim fighting bracelet (Africa)
  • Pata, sword gauntlet (South Asia)
  • Push dagger, also see Katar (dagger) (India)
  • Roman scissor (Mediterranean; not well attested. May have been a semicircular blade affixed to the end of a metal cylinder encasing the forearm.)
  • Tekagi-shuko, Neko-te (Japan)
  • Tekko (Japan)
  • Tessen, iron fan (Japan)
  • Wind and fire wheels (China)
  • Emei daggers (China)

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