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Other Names

  • Kúnu-hayánuGatschet, Caddo MS., B. A. E., 1884 ('watermelon people,' from kúnu, 'watermelon': Caddo name).
  • Kúnu-háyanu, Caddo name, meaning "watermelon people"; in Swanton
  • Peki /neni – Gatschet, Fox MS. vocab., B. A. E., 1882 (Fox name; plural Pekineni´/hak, 'grouse people,' from peki, 'grouse').
  • Tcåshtålálgi – Creek name, meaning "watermelon people"; in Swanton
  • Tchĕshtalálgi – Gatschet, Koassati MS., B. A. E.,1885 ('watermelon people,' from Creek tchĕstali, 'watermelons': Koassati name adopted from the Creeks).
  • Wa3-h`o1-na2-ha2 – Long, Exped. St Peter's R., I, 92, 1824 ('fire-makers': Miami name).
  • Wah-hō'-na-hah – Dunn, True Ind. Stories 299, 1908 (Miami name)., supposedly meaning “fire makers.”
  • Wáhiú¢axá – Omaha name, in Swanton.
  • Wáhiú¢aqá – Dorsey in Cont. N. A. Ethnol., VI, pt. 2, 664; 1890 (Omaha name).
  • Wáhiúyaha – Dorsey, Kansas MS.vocab., B.A. E., 1882 (Kansa name).
  • Wapoos – La Salle (1680) quoted by Parkman, La Salle, 180, 1883 (identical?).
  • Wo-rá-qĕ – St Cyr, inf'n, 1886 (Winnebago name).
  • Woraqa – Dorsey, Tciwere MS., vocab., B. A. E., 1879 (Iowa, Oto, and Missouri name).
  • Woraxa – Iowa, Oto, and Missouri name, in Swanton.
  • Woráxe – Winnebago name, in Swanton

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