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  • George Catlin - (1896–1979) was an English political scientist and philosopher. A strong proponent of Anglo-America cooperation, he worked for many years as a professor at Cornell University.
  • Ira Carmen - Co-founder of the social science subdiscipline of genetics and politics.
  • Edward Hallett Carr - Noted international relations theorist.
  • Alfredo Castillero Hoyos - Democracy and Human Rights. Former member of the United Nations's Human Rights Committee.
  • Partha Chatterjee - Indian postcolonial critic, political and social scientist
  • John Coakley - specialist in ethnic conflict and Irish politics
  • Benjamin Cohen - leader in the field of International Political Economy
  • Stephen P. Cohen - Middle East specialist
  • James Smoot Coleman, early Africanist, founded the UCLA African Studies Center
  • Josep Colomer - Institutionalist, comparativist, and game theorist scholar.
  • Marquis de Condorcet - 18th century mathematician and philosopher who contributed the often used Condorcet criterion and devised the concept of a Condorcet method.
  • Timothy E. Cook - politics and media
  • Satyabrata Rai Chowdhuri - International Relations, Indology at Institute of Commonwealth Studies
  • Philip Converse - Public opinion scholar, author of The Nature of Belief Systems in Mass Publics.
  • Clyde Coombs - Voting systems expert, designed "Coombs' method"
  • Philip Cowley - Author of Revolts and Rebellions.
  • Ralph W. Conant - Author of The Prospects for Revolution and Toward a More Perfect Union: The Governance of Metropolitan America.

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