List of Places in The Chronicles of Narnia - B


  • Beaversdam: A community named for the dam in the area built by Mr. Beaver who, along with Mrs. Beaver, helped to escort the four Pevensie children (Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy) to the Stone Table to meet Aslan. (LWW) The community was likely developed before the Telmarine conquest (unless the Telmarines named it after the "Old Narnian" story of the Pevensies', which is unlikely), but it still existed under the Telmarine rule, and seemed to have hosted a majority of the Telmarine-descent population. (PC)
  • Fords of Beruna: The location of the shallows in the Great River at the town of Beruna in Narnia. They were a strategic crossing place for the people of the country. In The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, it was the site of the battle between the forces of Aslan and Jadis. In the time of Prince Caspian, the Telmarines who conquered Narnia centuries earlier had bridged the river at Beruna. The bridge was destroyed and the original crossing restored when Aslan returned to Narnia to aid Prince Caspian in his campaign to reclaim the throne from his uncle, the usurper Miraz.
  • Beruna: One of four named towns in the country of Narnia. Beruna grew as a strategic location because of the fords on the Great River that were located there. When Narnia was conquered by the Telmarines, a town was built at the Fords of Beruna and a bridge over the river was constructed. In Prince Caspian, Susan Pevensie and Lucy Pevensie accompany Aslan to the bridge, and Bacchus destroys it at the request of the river-god ("Loose my chains").
  • Bism: A country located in great caverns far beneath the Lady of the Green Kirtle's home in the Deep Realm. It is populated by gnome-like people known as Earthmen who in The Silver Chair have been enslaved by the Lady herself. Lewis describes it as a fantastic land where precious stones such as rubies and diamonds contain digestible juice that can be squeezed out and white-hot talking salamanders dance on flaming rivers of lava. The name Bism is almost certainly a shortened form of 'abysm', an old word for an abyss, or deep trench. (SC)
  • Bramandin: A city or similar location in the world of Charn; named by Jadis as a place that had been destroyed or devastated (presumably by her). (MN)
  • Brenn: One of the Seven Isles. It is home to the seaport of Redhaven. (VDT)
  • Burnt Island: A flat grassy island just out of Dragon Island. Burnt Island is inhabited by rabbits and a couple of goats. Many suspect a village once thrived here, because of the ruins of huts, all burnt down, thus the name. The Coracle found on the Island was used by Reepicheep to sail to the End of the World. (VDT)

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