List of Philippine Presidents By Longevity

This is a list of Philippine Presidents by longevity, as of February 8, 2013. Two measures of the longevity are given - this is to allow for the differing number of leap days occurring within the life of each President. The first column is the number of years the president lived, and the days after his or her last birthday. The second column breaks this number down into the total number of days lived by the president, accounting for leap days.

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List Of Philippine Presidents By Longevity - List
... Rank President Date of Birth Date of Death Longevity (Years, Days) Longevity (Days) 1 Aguinaldo, EmilioEmilio Aguinaldo 01869-03-22March 22, 1869. 17, 700149000000000000049 ... years, 7002198000000000000198 days 18,096 days Presidents of the Philippines First Republic 1 Emilio Aguinaldo Commonwealth 2 Manuel L ... Aquino III Lists of Presidents and Vice Presidents of the Philippines Presidential lists of order Order of service Birth Longevity Post-presidency length Term length ...

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