List of People Who Have Walked Across The United States - Currently Walking Across The US

Currently Walking Across The US

James McKeighan, from Salem, NY, started his trek on April 15, 2013. He started his walk in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, and plans to finish up in Santa Monica, California by the end of 2013.

Husband and wife team Nick and Lucy Russell started walking from the coast of Georgia in October 2011. Their goal is to reach the West coast and raise money for poor people in Tajikistan.

Peter Leaders has been walking across the country since October 2011 starting from Safety Harbor, FL.

Anthony Lambing, from Imperial, MO, began his walk across America on Monday, August 8, 2011. He is walking from coast to coast to achieve a personal goal. He began at the coast in South Carolina and expects to finish his walk in the San Diego, CA area in late January/early February 2012.

Colon Terrell, 64, began his trek across America March 1, 2012 at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton, NC on the outerbanks and finished at the Santa Monica Pier in CA on Labor Day weekend, Sept. 2, 2012. Walking from the Atlantic to the Pacific is a celebration of his survival from a heart attack in February 2009 and the recovery from a five by-pass open heart surgery. Today Colon is in great health and thankful for a second chance. Now he is working toward helping others by supporting the American Heart Association in raising funds to educate and inform others of the signs of heart disease and its prevention. He hopes his adventure will encourage and inspire others to lead a heart healthy lifestyle. With the help of the AHA, he plans to schedule walks and interviews with friends and supporters of his website/blog at various stops along his southern state route. For more info and map of the walk go to or "like" his Facebook page, "Heart Trek USA".

Ed Schneider is walking across America from San Diego CA to Boston MA to in his on words " I hope to meet and see many amazing things on this adventure" He is chronicling his trip on at

In 2012 George Throop started from Vancouver, WA went south through Los Angeles, turned East to Pensacola, FL then North towards Washington D.C. where he intends to complete his walk during 2013. George has walked solo, unsupported by others except through on-the-spot generosity.

On March 17, 2012, Pennsylvania native Albie Masland left Dana Point, CA to run across the US to help raise awareness and money for the Travis Manion Foundation. Known as Operation Amerithon, Albie's run is sponsored by Bullets2Bandages and finished on August 18, 2012 at the Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, VA. Albie plans to run the final 110 miles to the Delaware coast to make it a complete Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean crossing.

In May, 2012 hawky left Virginia Beach, VA on a journey that will end in San Diego. You can follow him at

On September 1, 2012, Daniel Miller, a filmmaker from Phoenix, began his journey from downtown Los Angeles to Times Square in New York City in an attempt to raise money for is first feature length film. The film called T.R.E.O. Unsung, is a zombie/action film thus his journey has taken The Great Zombie Walk as its name. His progress can be followed on the project's website

On July 30, 2012, Kelcey Harrison, aged 24, began running from Times Square in New York City towards San Francisco in what she is calling The Great Lung Run. Kelcey Harrison, a member of Jill's Legacy, a young advisory board to the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Caner Foundation, is running to raise money and awareness for lung cancer. Harrison lost her best friend and namesake for Jill's Legacy, Jill Costello, to lung cancer when she was just 22. Harrison plans on arriving in San Francisco in late November and has already raised over $125,000 for lung cancer research. Her journey can be followed at

On June 4, 2012, Arthur Werner began his walk from Whistler, British Columbia, Canada to Key West, Florida. His is The Walk of Life and is chronicled at The Walk of Life. Arthur is walking to honor those whose lives have been affected by diabetes and cancer. He is also walking to honor the troops and veterans of the armed forces of Canada and the United States. Canadian by birth and American by choice, Arthur's son, Jonathan Werner, who was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 4. As of this walk, he was 31. Jonathan's cousin, Ross Werner who would have been the same age, died of a germ cell choriocarcinoma-mediastinal origin after 9 months of chemotherapy. He was 28. 7 months after Ross died, Arthur's mother's husband, Cec Bund, died of colon cancer. He was 74. Arthur wanted to do something to honor these young men and Cec. He decided on a walk - The Walk of Life. As he also had a great grandfather who served in World War I and a grandfather who served during World War II, he decided that he would also walk to honor the veterans, those currently serving and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Dr. Jim Buckley. Started 4-1-13 at 6:02am in Newbury Park, CA and is walking to Times Square, NYC. "I'm walking across America, INVITING AMERICA HOME, touching hearts and homes, one home at a time." Website.

Zoriah Mattern Started 04-01-13 in Washington DC currently in Pennsylvania

While Arthur is not specifically raising money for any particular cause, those who choose to donate while he is on the journey will have their donations given to Camp UTADA, a diabetic camp where Arthur's son attended as a youth and served as a counselor in the summers as an adult. Both Ross and Cec had favorite charities and anyone wishing to donate in their honor can do so on links from the website. He hopes to finish his walk in early April 2013 in Key West Florida after walking more than 4,000 miles.

On March 1, 2013, Ryan Herrmann began walking across America from Henlopen State Park, Lewes, Delaware.

Zoriah Mattern Started 04-01-13 in Washington DC currently in Pennsylvania

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