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There is no general awareness in common people about the FIA some people frequently ask this question “Is there any department made to control corruption of federal departments?” because the FIA did not advertise about its very existence for general awareness of common people, resulting the common people have no idea about the FIA to redress their grievances against any federal department. Only educated people have knowledge about the FIA. There is also a solid reason about general ignorance of the common people that field offices of the FIA are situated in only major cities of the country so the people from remote areas have no or little approach to the Agency, in this concern the circles or the field offices may be extended to the district level for an easy approach of the common man. The FIA should also be equipped with latest technology according to needs and necessities of present time. Funds, equipment and training of the FIA members must be revamped. A great care should be given in selection of officers of the Agency because FIA has to perform sophisticated and technical type of task like FBI of United States of America. Ordinary police officer cannot handle the technical and complex type of matters e.g. enquiries & investigations regarding Banks, Corporations and immigration etc.

Salaries Benefits and FIA employees draw very poor salaries and other benefits for them that’s why corruption cannot be controlled in Pakistan.

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