List of Pakistani Intelligence Agencies - Federal Investigation Agency - Jurisdiction and Investigative Responsibilities

Jurisdiction and Investigative Responsibilities

Raids by the FIA Members are conducted with empty hands as they have no weapon to use for their protection in Crime Circles. Only the SIG branch keeps weapon.

The FIA has the broadest jurisdiction (investigative authority) of all Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. It is authorized to investigate all Federal criminal violations that the Parliament of Pakistan has not specifically assigned to other Federal Agencies. It may investigate other matters at the orders of the President, Prime Minister, Attorney General and Provinces of Pakistan or if authorized under a law passed by Parliament. This mandate stands in contrast to other Federal law enforcement agencies, which have other missions to do.

The FIA investigates hundreds of different Federal crimes, including organized crime, spurious drug trafficking, espionage, terrorism, bank robbery, extortion and kidnapping etc. The agency is responsible for investigating Federal civil rights violations, such as police brutality and racial violence (if assigned). The FIA also investigates so-called white-collar crimes, such as money laundering, bank fraud, embezzlement and corruption of all Federal Government departments (excluded Armed Forces) election-law violations, environmental crimes, and computer-related crimes (some of them if assigned). Additionally, it handles cases involving threats or actual violence against the President, Prime Minister and members of Parliament & Senate (if assigned). In all cases, the FIA presents the results of its investigations to Federal Government through Interior Ministry who decide whether to prosecute suspects in the law courts.

In conducting investigations, the FIA frequently works with Local, Provincial, Federal and international law enforcement organizations. For example, the FIA works with the Local Police, Interpol and with other Military intelligence agencies to prevent foreign spies from obtaining Pakistan National Security secrets. Enquiring into criminal activities, the FIA can cross provincial and country borders. It investigates interstate criminal activity and can arrest fugitives who cross state lines to avoid prosecution. Although the FIA is not usually authorized to make arrests in foreign countries but the agency works with law enforcement agencies abroad to apprehend suspects wanted in crimes. The FIA also conducts non-criminal inquiries. It researches the backgrounds of Pakistan Supreme Court nominees, Cabinet nominees, and other presidential appointees to help the federal Government so that these candidates be confirmed (if assigned). It also conducts background checks on people who apply for employment in the FIA, Justice Department, President House, Nuclear Commission and certain other government departments (if assigned). Finally, the FIA may collect evidence in civil suits involving Federal Government.

Among functions of FIA specifically are investigations of counterfeiting and violations of Federal laws. Intelligence activities aimed at foreign countries, related to the National Security of Pakistan are generally carried out by the ISI. However, the FIA does investigate terrorism outside of Pakistan when directed against Pakistan citizens or interests & embassies.

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