List of Open-source Healthcare Software - Categories - Electronic Health or Medical Record

Electronic Health or Medical Record

(In alphabetical order)

  • FreeMED is a practice management and electronic and computer records system. It allows the tracking of medical data, in detail, with preservation not just of the diagnosis but the reasons for medical encounters. FreeMED is released under the GPL
  • GNUmed is a WxPython application that uses PostgreSQL.
  • GNU Health (aka "Medical") is a free, centralized, highly scalable health and hospital information system
  • Hospital OS Open source hospital information system in Thai
  • HOSxP
  • Mirth (software) is an open source cross-platform HL7 interface engine that enables bi-directional sending of HL7 messages between systems and applications over multiple transports.
  • openEHR is an open standard specification in health informatics that describes the management and storage, retrieval and exchange of health data in electronic health records (EHRs) following a two-level modelling paradigm.
  • OpenEMR an open-source electronic medical record (EMR) software.
  • OpenMRS is a community-developed, open-source, enterprise EMR framework. Extensible and scalable EMR based on Java.
  • OSCAR McMaster an open-source electronic medical record (EMR) software. The billing component of the software is specialized for the needs of the Canadian health-care providers.
  • THIRRA (EHR) is a web based EHR application designed primarily for narrowband. It was released under the Mozilla Public License and includes communicable diseases biosurveillance feature. THIRRA uses PHP5, CodeIgniter and PostgreSQL.
  • VistA – Veterans Administrations integrated electronic health record system available for non-governmental use as OpenVista or WorldVistA.
  • ZEPRS The ZEPRS application is an electronic patient record system that enables clinicians to enter data from patient visits using a web browser.

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