List of Northern Irish Flags - Others


Flag Date Use Description
Ensign of the Royal Ulster Yacht Club. The blue ensign defaced with the Red Hand of Ulster and St Edward's Crown.
Since 1264 The Flag of Ulster is used to represent the traditional province of Ulster. A red cross on a golden field. The arms of the historic province of Ulster is a composite achievement, combining the heraldic symbols of two of that province’s best known families; namely the cross of de Burgo and the dexter hand of O Neill(Ua Néill, later Ó Néill) Kings of Ailech and Tír Eoghan.
Since 1783 St Patrick's Saltire, also known as the Cross of St Patrick, represents Saint Patrick; the patron saint of Ireland. It was a flag used to represent all of Ireland as a component of the UK, and accordingly appears as part of the Union Flag. It is used by some unionists, the Church of Ireland on an all-Ireland basis and is incorporated into symbols and emblems of various organisations and bodies throughout Ireland. A red saltire on a white field.
Since 1919 The Tricolour was originally designed to represent all of Ireland, but is currently only the official flag of the Republic of Ireland. Although it has no official status as a flag of Northern Ireland, it is used by the country's nationalist community. A Tricolour, with three equal vertical bands of green (hoist side), white and orange. The Irish Government has said the flag represents the Gaelic population and tradition(green), the Orange population and tradition (orange) of the island of Ireland, and the hope for a lasting peace (white) between them.
Since 1893 The Sunburst flag is based on the flag of mythological warriors the Fianna. Used by nationalists. Blue background with an orange sun showing partially in the bottom right corner.
Since 1930s The starry plough flag succeeded the starry plough banner; the flag used to represent Irish nationalist socialism. Used by socialists, trade unionists and nationalists. Light blue background and white stars.
Flag of a proposed independent Ulster nation. Used by Ulster nationalists. St Patrick's Saltire on a navy blue background, defaced with a golden six pointed star representing the six counties of Northern Ireland containing the red hand of Ulster.

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