List of Nokia Products - Products Marketed By Vertu, Nokia's Luxury Phones Brand

Products Marketed By Vertu, Nokia's Luxury Phones Brand

Vertu is an independent company, formely owned by Nokia, that manufactures exclusively hand crafted high-end mobile phones.

Phone model Screen type Released S. Technology Generation Form factor
Signature 116 × 148 12-bit (4096) Color 2002 GSM Unknown Candybar
Diamond ? ? ? Unknown Candybar
Ascent 116 × 148 12-bit (4096) Color 2004 GSM Unknown Candybar
Constellation- 116 × 148 12-bit (4096) Color 2004 GSM Unknown Candybar
Signature S Design 240 × 320 32-bit Color 2008 GSM|UMTS|WLAN Series 40 Candybar

Materials used include platinum, 18 carat white gold, 18 carat yellow gold, stainless steel, ruby keypad bearings, and a sapphire crystal display for the "Signature" and leather, 316L Surgical stainless steel and Liquidmetal for the "Ascent".

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