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Nell Jones
First appearance "Special Delivery"
Portrayed by Renée Felice Smith
Gender Female
Occupation Intelligence Analyst
Title NCIS Intelligence Analyst
Nationality American

Nell Jones (portrayed by Renée Felice Smith) is Eric's partner as an NCIS analyst. Introduced as a recurring character in the Season 2 episode "Special Delivery", Nell joined the main cast as of episode 2.11 "Disorder". She has a red pixie cut hairstyle and is of small-medium stature (being able to wear a Hetty-sized sweater—just barely—in the episode "Disorder"). In the episode "Harm's Way" she demonstrates at least a functional knowledge of written Arabic when she is called upon to translate the contents of a terrorist laptop.

Although Nell is a recent college graduate she is frequently shown as very helpful to the others. She and Eric originally had an antagonistic relationship early on due to Nell taking over some of Eric's duties, being new and once getting the others upstairs for briefing, a task Eric normally does. As their working relationship has progressed, they seem to have warmed up to each other and it is implied there are growing feelings between the two. Nell also has a habit of finishing other people's sentences. In "Special Delivery" she reveals that this is because she is a "type A with borderline ADD, and control issues with men admires" (such as Eric).

In the episode "Lockup", it is shown that Nell and Nate have met previously, but the nature of their relationship—if any—remains unknown. She also seems to have a good relationship with Hetty, and has been called by her first name or as "Dear" by Hetty occasionally. She seems to be friends or at least on good terms with Kensi who invites her to join the others for drinks in the episode "Absolution". Nell is fluent in Spanish and an expert of South America (Enemy Within).

She likes to receive flowers; in the episode Greed, she sends flowers to herself and reveals to Eric only after his never ending pestering. The flowers are noticed at first by Sam who comments, "Looks like somebody has a secret admirer." When Eric notices it, he stops mid-sentence and says, "Nice flowers."

Eric has feelings towards Nell but she doesn't exactly point them back to Eric. This is changing, though, because in the Season 3 episode "Patriot Acts", Nell flirts with Nate (who immediately picks up on it and her true intentions) in order to get Eric's attention. In "Greed", she avoids the subject of who sent of flowers on all levels. And in season 3, episode 2 "Cyber Threat", she is clearly jealous of Eric's new partner and feels threatened by their relationship.

In addition to going into the field, Nell has been seen carrying a gun in the episodes "Blye, K." and "Blye, K Part 2", as well as having one tucked into her waistband in "Standoff" and telling Eric she is carrying one in "Recruit".

Eric and Nell shared a kiss under the green mistletoe during the season 4 Christmas episode, "Free Ride" this was at the end of the episode and when no one was around.

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