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Tyler (Philip Whitchurch) is Janet and George's crazy neighbour. Janet believes that his brain was fried by hallucinogens in the 1960s. He knows George's real identity, but often seems to have his own even more bizarre ideas and theories about the universe. For instance, he often claims that Gandalf, Frodo, and other fictional characters are staying in his flat. George initially denies Tyler's claims that he is Thermoman, but from series two onwards, he just accepts that Tyler knows (mainly because no one would believe him), and gives him a job as his assistant in the health shop, replacing his original assistant from series one, Avril.

On one occasion in the shop, he tells George and Arnie that at age five he went to boarding school and was bullied for ten years, but learnt that some people from fantasy are not real like Luke Skywalker. From series five onwards, he is often left to look after the kids. Tyler often refers to George as "Master", and occasionally calls Janet "Mistress" as well.

He is the only human who is resistant to George's memory-erasing thermoblast. George attempts this twice in series one episode one, "My Hero", and episode four, "Thermoman's Greatest Challenge".

In series six episode eight, "Believe", it is revealed much to the surprise of Janet, that Tyler is 32 (which means that he is about 26 in the Pilot). In the same episode he thinks he is more attractive with a wig (which he originally thought was a cat), but his attempts to "go on the pull" result in three restraining orders and a lifelong ban from Somerfield supermarkets. Tyler has a Scouse accent.

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