List of Museums in Georgia (country) - Imereti


Niko Berdzenishvili Kutaisi History Museum (web)

Kutaisi Sport History Museum

Kutaisi Museum of Zakaria Paliashvili

Kutaisi Museum of Military Glory

Kutaisi Fine Art Gallery

Kutaisi-Gelati State Museum-Reserve

Niko Nikoladze House Museum

Samtredia Picture Gallery

Akaki Shanidze House Museum

Khoni Local Museum

Polikarpe Kakabadze House-Museum

Irakli Abashidze House Museum

Giorgi Akhvlediani Tskaltubo Local Museum

Niko Lortkipanidze House Museum

Tskhaltubo Fine Art Museum

Vani Fine Art Museum

Galaktion and Titsian Tabidze House Museum

Georgian National Museum. Vani Archaeological Museum

Chiatura Local Museum

Giorgi Tsereteli House Museum

Mountain-climber Japaridze House Museum

Tkibuli Local Museum

Vladimir Mayakovsky House Museum

Chkhari Agriculture and Craft Museum

David and Sergo Kldiashvili House Museum

Shalva and Petre Amiranashvili House Museum

Zestaponi Local Museum

Ushangi Chkheidze House Museum

Kharagauli Local Museum

Ghoresha Museum of the Village History

Sachkhere Local Museum

Akaki Tsereteli State Museum

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Simon Of Imereti
... სიმონი) (died 1701), of the Bagrationi Dynasty, was King of Imereti from 1699 to 1701 ... An illegitimate son of Alexander IV of Imereti, he was brought up at the court of Erekle I of Kartli, while Imereti was embroiled in the civil war among several claimants ... Ottoman government sponsored a coup against King Archil of Imereti and installed Simon as king ...
List Of Monarchs Who Lost Their Thrones In The 14th Century - Imereti
... Bagrat I of Imereti, King of Imereti, deposed 1330. ...

Imereti (Georgian: იმერეთი) is a region in Georgia situated along the middle and upper reaches of the Rioni river. It consists of the following Georgian administrative-territorial units:

  1. Kutaisi (city)
  2. Baghdati region
  3. Vani region
  4. Zestafoni region
  5. Terjola region
  6. Samtredia region
  7. Sachkhere region
  8. Tkibuli region
  9. Chiatura region
  10. Tskaltubo region
  11. Kharagauli region
  12. Khoni region

The region's main city is Kutaisi; other urban industrial centers include Samtredia, Chiatura (manganese production centre), Tkibuli (coal mining centre), Zestafoni (known for metals production), Vani, Khoni, and Sachkhere. Traditionally, Imereti is an agricultural region, known for its mulberries and grapes.

The 800,000 Imeretians speak a Georgian dialect; they are one of the local culture-groups of the ethnically subdivided Georgian people.

In late antiquity and early Middle Ages the ancient western Georgian kingdom of Egrisi existed on the territory of Imereti. Its king declared Christianity as an official religion of Egrisi in 523 AD. In 975-1466 Imereti was part of the united Georgian Kingdom. Since its disintegration in the 15th century, Imereti was an independent kingdom.

In the 17th-18th centuries the kingdom of Imereti suffered frequent invasions by the Turks and recognized to patronage of Ottoman Empire until 1810, when it was occupied and annexed by the Russian Empire. The last King of Imereti was Solomon II (1789-1810).

From 1918–1921, Imereti was part of the independent Democratic Republic of Georgia. Within the USSR, the region was part of the Transcaucasian SFSR from 1922–1936, and part of the Georgian SSR from 1936–1991. Since Georgian independence in 1991, Imereti has been a region in the Republic of Georgia with Kutaisi as the regional capital.

Tsulukidze (family)
... dignity (tavadi) by King George III of Imereti in 1605 ... Under the western Georgian kings of Imereti, the Tsulukidze served as Constables of Lower Imereti and had a fiefdom in Racha, with a familial burial ground at the ... The Tsulukidze were involved in a series of civil wars which plagued Imereti until the eventual annexation by the Russian Empire in 1810 ...
Bagrationi, Wife Of John IV Of Trebizond - Family
... Her maternal grandparent were Alexander I of Imereti and Ana Orbeliani ... Alexander of Imereti was a son of Bagrat I of Imereti and an unnamed daughter of Qvarqvare II Jakeli, atabeg of Samtskhe ...