List of MPs Elected in The United Kingdom General Election, 1874 - D


Constituency MP Party Darlington Edmund Backhouse Denbigh Watkin Williams Denbighshire
(Two members) Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, Bt George Osborne Morgan Derby
(Two members) Michael Thomas Bass Liberal Samuel Plimsoll Derbyshire East
(Two members) Hon. Francis Egerton Francis Arkwright Derbyshire North
(Two members) Lord George Henry Cavendish Liberal Augustus Peter Arkwright Derbyshire South
(Two members) Sir Henry Wilmot, Bt Thomas William Evans Devizes Sir Thomas Bateson, Bt Conservative Devonport
(Two members) Sir John Henry Puleston George Edward Price Devonshire East
(Two members) Sir Lawrence Palk, Bt Sir John Kennaway, Bt Devonshire North
(Two members) Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, Bt Sir Stafford Northcote, Bt Conservative Devonshire South
(Two members) Sir Massey Lopes, Bt Conservative John Carpenter Garnier Dewsbury Sir John Simon Donegal
(Two members) Thomas Conolly Conservative Viscount Hamilton Conservative Dorchester William Ernest Brymer Dorset
(Three members) Henry Sturt Hon. Henry Portman John Floyer Dover
(Two members) Alexander George Dickson Charles Kaye Freshfield Down
(Two members) Lord Edwin Hill-Trevor Conservative James Sharman Crawford Conservative Downpatrick John Mulholland Conservative Drogheda William Hagarty O'Leary Home Rule League Droitwich John Corbett Dublin
(Two members) Sir Arthur Guinness, Bt Conservative Maurice Brooks Home Rule League Dublin County
(Two members) Thomas Edward Taylor Conservative Ion Hamilton Conservative Dublin University John Thomas Ball Conservative Hon. David Plunket Conservative Dudley Henry Brinsley Sheridan Dumfries Ernest Noel Dumfriesshire John James Hope-Johnstone Dunbartonshire Archibald Orr-Ewing Dundalk Philip Callan Home Rule League Dundee
(Two members) James Yeaman Liberal Edward Jenkins Liberal Dungannon Thomas Alexander Dickson Liberal Dungarvon John O'Keeffe Durham City
(Two members) Farrer Herschell Sir Arthur Middleton, Bt Durham County North
(Two members) Lowthian Bell Charles Mark Palmer Durham County South Joseph Pease Frederick Beaumont

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