List of Moths of Great Britain (Noctuidae) - Subfamily Ophiderinae

Subfamily Ophiderinae

  • Catephria alchymista Alchymistimmigrant
  • Tyta luctuosa Four-spottedsouth, central & east (Nationally Scarce A)
  • Lygephila pastinum Blackneck — south & central (localized)
  • Lygephila craccae Scarce Blackneck — south-west (Red Data Book)
  • Tathorhynchus exsiccata Levant Blackneck — rare immigrant
  • Scoliopteryx libatrix Herald — throughout
  • Phytometra viridaria Small Purple-barred — throughout (localized)
  • Anomis sabulifera Angled Gem — possible rare immigrant (otherwise import)

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