List of Moths of Great Britain (Noctuidae) - Subfamily Heliothinae

Subfamily Heliothinae

  • Periphanes delphinii Pease Blossom — possible immigrant & import
  • Pyrrhia umbra Bordered Sallowsouth, central & north-east (localized)
  • Helicoverpa armigera Scarce Bordered Straw — immigrant
  • Heliothis viriplaca Marbled Clover — probable immigrant to south & east-central (Red Data Book)
  • Heliothis maritima Shoulder-striped Clover
  • Heliothis maritima warneckei — south (Red Data Book)
  • Heliothis maritima bulgarica — rare immigrant
  • Heliothis peltigera Bordered Straw — immigrant
  • Heliothis nubigera Eastern Bordered Straw — rare immigrant
  • Schinia scutosa Spotted Clover — immigrant

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