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Other Baddies

Minor villains in the Monster Rancher anime, these characters often served as soldiers and henchmen for the leaders of the baddies.

  • Jells - The Jells were possibly some of the most common troops in Moo's army of baddies. Although they were not the strongest troops that Moo's army had to offer, that does not mean that they weren't dangerous. The Jells appear in a humanoid shape composed of a blue jell material (which is often comically mistaken for a water puddle), have a shapeless blob in place of legs, and have a large red ball in their chest (visible through their torsos). Their powers mostly lie in their ability to transform into other forms, particularly types of weaponry. They are most noted for taking the form of a cannon and blasting their opponent using the red ball in their chests as a projectile weapon (this is rather ironic as the red ball appears to be their weak point).
  • Black Dinos - Although they appear to be smaller versions of carnivorous dinosaurs, the Black Dinos are reasonably intelligent and do not hesitate to use violence. They are simple monsters who use physical attack methods such as biting to defeat their opponents. Although they have the ability to speak quite well, they are used as beasts of burden by their fellow baddies while serving Moo. Captain Black Dino and his Black Dinos were the ones who pursued Genki, Holly, Suezo, and Mocchi. They were defeated when they were knocked into the river and haven't been seen since.
  • Weeds - The Weeds are a group of purplish plant-like monsters who appear to serve as Moo's attendants and messengers. One Weed serves as Moo's right-hand monster. There was a Captain Weed that was in charge of the Gangsters until he was killed by Lilim. While they usually shuffle along on their lower tendrils, they use their longer, upper tendrils to catch the wind and float or fly through the air. They also possess the ability to shoot seeds from their blossoms. In season 3, one Weed becomes a cyborg in the process of trying revive Durahan.
  • The Seed Sisters
Seed Sister #1 Voiced by: Shirley Millner
Seed Sister #2 Voiced by: Janyse Jaud
Seed Sister #3 Voiced by: Saffron Henderson
They are three female monsters who resemble the Weeds. One of them was killed by Genki with a boulder causing the remaining Seed Sisters to plan their revenge. After draining all the energy out of Allan's worm, the other Seed Sisters were killed offscreen by Allan after they killed his Worm by draining his energy.
  • Dinos -
  • Evil Hares - Although they appeared as darker colored versions of Hare, these baddies did not possess the skill, trickery, and special attacks of the Hare who traveled as one of the courageous searchers. The Evil Hares relied mostly on punching and kicking attacks. Although incompetent, they often served as Moo's foot soldiers and were easily dispatched or driven off by skilled fighters. The first bunch of Evil Hares were sent by Pixie to weaken the dam of a village. They were defeated by the Searchers. Another bunch of Evil Hares were summoned by Joker to fight the Searchers. After Hare defeated Joker, the remaining Evil Hares were caught in the cave-in following Joker's defeat.
  • Kuros -
  • Unsabas - These one-eyed pests are yellow plant-like monsters who resemble the Weeds. They served as guards and ground soldiers and are not the smartest monsters in Moo's army. Some of the Unsabas assisted the Clays when it came to the searchers' final fight with Pixie and Big Blue.
  • Clays - These creatures have a strong resemblance to the Jells and share many qualities with their counterparts. They too can transform into a variety of weapons and serve as Moo's ground troops. In contrast to the blue coloring of the Gells, the Clays are colored very dark and have a red mark on their torsos. The Clays first appeared where they were seen running the prisons that are under Pixie's control. The searchers ended up defeating the Clays there and freeing the slaves. Pixie did not take this news lightly and electrocuted Captain Clay into a Lost Disk.
  • Zuums - The Zuums are lizard men that work for Moo. One army of Zuums works for Naga.
  • Zillas - The Zillas are a group of powerful underwater baddies who attack relentlessly at sea and do not usually retreat. While their bodies resemble that of small humanoid whales, their arms allow them to grasp weapons while their legs allow them to stand upright like humans. The Zillas who patrol the ocean are under the command of their master, Guji.
  • Guji
Voiced by: Doc Harris
This large and powerful Zilla is the leader of the Zillas and Captain Horn's archenemy. Although large, Guji can swim extremely fast in the water and could easily sink a ship. When Guji was ordered by Gali to defeat the searchers who were on board Captain Horn's pirate ship, he sent his Zillas to defeat them. When they failed, Guji himself attacked the ship, and although he was much more powerful than his minions, he was defeated and cast into a whirlpool while the others escaped.
  • Joker - He is probably one of the trickier baddies and uses the power of illusion and the scythe he carries to defeat his opponents. The tricky Joker was sent by Gali to deal with the searchers. When they journeyed through an underground cavern, Joker trapped them in illusions of their own fears, and attempted to kill them while they were defenseless. Hare (who had split from the group after an argument with Tiger of the Wind) returned to rescue his friends. After his illusions were broken, Joker attacked the searchers and even summoned some Evil Hares to help them. Hare then used his Dragon Kick to send Joker through the ceiling enough to cause a cave-in.
  • Scaled Jells - The Scaled Jells are a group of green colored Jells who are covered in green scales. Although they bear a close resemblance to their counterparts, they are more powerful and appear to have stronger abilities. They have the ability to combine their bodies together to create large and powerful weaponry, and they can even stretch their bodies out like sheets in order to float from high places. They were sent by Gali to attack the searchers with one attack causing Genki and Pixie to be separated from the others. Despite the fact that she was injured, Pixie unleashed a powerful attack which reduced all the Scaled Jells to Lost Disks.
  • Sandys -
  • Dokus - This balls of sludge are a tricky bunch who specialize in surrounding their opponents and attacking with a variety of punches. Although not the strongest baddies, they can still do their job. They were sent by Gali to attack the Searchers. They were defeated and ended up retreating
  • Cabalos -
  • Black Worms - Even more poisonous than regular Worms, these baddies are a force to be reckoned with. After learning of Gali's demise, Gray Wolf sends the Black Worms to fight the searchers. They roll through the surrounding terrain at a fast pace, and stop to deliver attacks to the enemy by shooting their poisonous stingers like darts and even emit poisonous smog. Even though the Black Worms retreated, one Black Worm was captured and interrogated on who the remaining two members of Moo's Big Bad Four are. Before escaping in the smog, the Black Worm mentioned that they were sent by Gray Wolf. Holly became a victim of a Black Worm's poisonous in an effort to protect Tiger from the stingers. Upon finding the plant that can cure Holly's poison, Tiger ended up fighting Captain Black Worm. Despite Captain Black Worm having the upper-hand, Tiger turned the tides and reduced Captain Black Worm to a lost disk while claiming the antidote plant. After Holly recovered the remaining Black Worms were fended off by the searchers.
  • Salamanders - Reptile-like monsters who chased the searchers to the ruins where Centaur, Dragoon, and Celious lived. Their leader was the one responsible for injuring Tiger. When Captain Salamander manages to grab Genki and Mocchi, the Salamanders were told to leave by Centaur. They returned to capture the searchers during the tournament and were thwarted which ended with them retreating.
  • Ebony -
  • Mocks -
  • Undine
Voiced by: Hiromi Tsuru (Japanese), Kelly Sheridan (English)
Undine is a seemingly harmless mermaid-like monster. Serving under Gray Wolf, she lived in a serene lake and was ordered by him to destroy the searchers. After befriending Golem, she tricked his friends and fought them using her power to manipulate the water. Although she proved treacherous, Golem protected her as he had promised. When he attempted to rescue her from the fire that surrounded the area, she simply told him that she didn't deserve his friendship and chose to remain behind and die. She is later seen to be resurrected at the end of the series.
  • Jaggernauts - A group of beetle-like monsters sent to attack the searchers. They were all destroyed by the giant robot Melcarba.
  • Melcarba - A giant beetle-like robot that was built by humans. It ended up activated and decimated the Jaggernauts sent by Gray Wolf. Though indestructible, the searchers impaled a metal pole into it enough for a jolt of lightning to deactivate it.
  • Stone Dragon - The Stone Dragons are stone version of the Pirate Dragons. A Stone Dragon is one of the stronger monsters who serve Naga. He terrorized other monsters and attacked Genki and the searchers until one Colored Pandora sent him flying into a pit of quicksand, sending him to his doom. Another Stone Dragon fought Eddie and other people in their Iron Birds.
  • Arrowheads - A race of lobster-like monsters that attacked the searchers and Jim as they cross the Yellow River. An army of Arrowheads assisted some Jells into attacking Captain Horn's ship
  • Bajarl
Voiced by: Alec Willows
Bajarl was a powerful genie-like monster who lived in a jar and would use his powers to shrink his opponents and trap them in his jar. He once laid waste to an entire town. When he attacked the searchers and placed them in his jar, Holly and Mocchi escaped and fled to the ruins of the destroyed town. After Bajarl found them, Mocchi held him off while Tiger used his blizzard attack to freeze Bajarl's jar. After they escaped, the searchers defeated Bajarl upon discovering what the village had detailed on how to destroy Bajarl.
  • Sneak Hopper -
  • Springer -
  • Trickster -
  • Mocky -
  • Endbringer - The robot-like Endbringer was one of General Durahan's most powerful warriors and was the first to be summoned to destroy the searchers. After using his hologram projecting ability to deliver Durahan's message, Endbringer relentlessly attacked the searchers. But using their teamwork, the Searchers destroyed him. A strange tiny orb flew from his lost Mystery Disk and reached Durahan. After watching the recording, Durahan knew that he was facing a reasonably powerful band of the searchers.
  • Chariot
Voiced by: Scott McNeil
This armored Centaur-looking monster fought Genki and the searchers under General Durahan's orders. While he and his army proved relentless, Chariot's lightning attacks failed to destroy him and was defeated due to the interference of a friendly pet monster name Baku, who Genki reminded of his owner. They entered a beam struggle and Baku won with Chariot being reduced to a Lost Disk.
  • Shell Saurian -
  • Metal Jell
Voiced by: Paul Dobson
A servant of Durahan. He is a gray version of a Jell. He was sent alongside some Knight Mocchis to attack Genki and the searchers. He and the Knight Mocchis were destroyed by the searchers.
  • Knight Mocchis - Armored versions of Mocchi who accompanied Metal Jell in attacking the searchers. They were destroyed by the searchers.
  • Astros
Voiced by: Doc Harris
Giant astronaut-type robot monsters used for space work. They were turned evil by Moo as an offer to get revenge on the Humans who tortured them and were unleashed by Durahan to attack the searchers.
  • Renocraft - A giant bug-like robot that can move through sand. While Genki and Mocchi were in a fight with each other, Renocraft was unleashed by Durahan and attacked the searchers in a sand-filled area. Genki saved Mocchi as Tiger, Golem, Suezo, and Hare combined their attacks to destroy Renocraft.
  • Gangsters - Robot monsters that are loyal to Durahan. They were given to Captain Weed to help him find Genki's crew. When Lilim took the stone from Holly, she killed Captain Weed and attempted to do the same to Genki and crew. However the dying Weed used what strength he had left to take out the leader Gangster, without that Gangster the others shut down.
  • Geisha or ShiShi - It's a special character that looks like Icelandic artist Björk. The curious thing is that this character only appears when you introduce into the console Björk's CD Homogenic.
  • Pink Jam -
  • Zerbasaurians -
  • Drill Tusks -
  • Black Plants -
  • Jelly Gaboos -
  • Jura Walls -
  • Wood Golem -
  • Tombstones -
  • Ghosts -
  • Mew -
  • Metalner -

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