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Chumba Bagingi

Chumba Bagingi is one the monsters under Lardine's Detention Oasis. He is an exhibitionist, a monster who makes himself visible to humans. He escaped when Lardine was resting in Elena's House. He was saved by Zick and Elena from two Dark Phantoms, and later was captured by Zick. He was seen again inside a Dom Box mocking Zick and Elena about finding a cure for Zob. He was then used as a trade for information about Zick to Emily Vermeer, and was released from his Dom Box, destroying half of the Anguanes Fair. He was captured again by Zick after being begged by Emily Vermeer to stop him. He reappear by trying to get out in his Dom Box and knocking other Dom Boxes. He was released by Zick to free him from Omnised and Omniquod, and returned to Lardine's Detention Oasis in Port Reef. He also persuade Lardine to make the lighthouse light just the make his fellow monsters happy.

In the second season, he reappeared again inside a Dom Box in Zick cellar, until he was freed by his lover, Chumbamba. When he and Chumbamba saw Zick and Elena rehearsing a play, they decide to join the play by making themselves visible and being attract to the play. During the play, another Gingi name Bunganga was trying to sabotaging the play and to attack Chumba as the phantoms in the play that he loves Chumbamba. When the play was over and Bunganga was captured by Zick, Zob told him and Chumbamba they will be sent to the Detention Oasis in Port Reef.

In the comic book series issue 19, he escaped again and went to Foggy Island, later to be tracked down and captured by Zick, Elena, and Timothy and returned once again to Lardine's Detention Oasis.

Chumba Bagingi is voiced by Claudio Moneta (Italian)

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