List of Minor Emmerdale Characters (2009) - Tanya Callard

Tanya Callard
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Susan McArdle
Duration 2009, 2011
First appearance 13 February 2009
Last appearance 21 April 2011

Tanya Callard was Debbie Dingle's cellmate. She appeared in 2009 whilst Debbie was on remand accused of the murder of policeman Shane Doyle.

Tanya first appears on the day Debbie goes to court to hear what she is to be prosecuted for. When Debbie returns, having been told she will be tried for murder, Tanya asks her what happened, and Debbie tells her to mind her own business. A few days later, Tanya discovers a mobile phone given to Debbie by her solicitor and she refuses to give it to Debbie and stamps on it.

Tanya appears again on 21 April 2011, when Debbie's mother Charity Tate, arranges for her to go on a date with Nikhil Sharma. Charity reveals that Tanya now works as a sweet packer, implying that she now works for the Sharmas who run a confectioners. Tanya meets up with Nikhil, Charity and Nikhil's brother Jai in The Woolpack and is served by barman Bob Hope. During her appearance, Tanya and Debbie do not encounter each other and Charity seems unaware of Tanya's connection to her daughter.

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