List of Minor Emmerdale Characters (2002) - Elvis Dingle

Elvis Dingle
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Martin Walsh
Introduced by Steve Frost
Duration 2002, 2004
First appearance 24 January 2002
Last appearance 20 October 2004
Classification Former; recurring
Wife Marilyn Dingle (1994—)
Father Bert Dingle
Mother Jessie Dingle
Brothers Obadiah Dingle
Solomon Dingle
Sons Brando Dingle
Daniel Dingle
Grandfathers Jonah Dingle
Uncles Jedediah Dingle
Cousins Zak Dingle
Albert Dingle
Caleb Dingle
Ezra Dingle
Zebediah Dingle
Shadrach Dingle
Marilyn Dingle
Nieces Charity Sharma

Elvis Dingle is Zak Dingle's cousin. He appeared in 2002 and 2004.

Elvis, who is married to Marilyn, first appears in the village in 2002. They leave Zak's mother Peg with Zak before quickly leaving Emmerdale. Elvis returns six months later to collect Peg when Zak has had enough of her. Elvis, Marilyn and their sons Brando and Daniel, return in October 2004 to join Zak and his family celebrate their 10th anniversary of living in Emmerdale.

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