List of Minor Circle of Magic Characters - Dedicates and Novices of Winding Circle

Dedicates and Novices of Winding Circle

Dedicate Crane is the First Dedicate of the Air temple. He is described as "the kind of man who draped himself on air". He created a greenhouse, in an effort to grow plants all year round. Since he is so good with plants, he is considered Dedicate Rosethorn's rival. He worked together with Rosethorn in Briar's Book to find the cure for Blue Pox. His given name is Isas, and though abdicated the ties by becoming Innitiated, was a noble in the country of Olart.

Dedicate Gorse runs the Winding Circle kitchens. His temple affiliation is not known, as his robes are so stained and scorched their color is unrecognizable. Gorse takes good food and nutrition as his personal mission, frequently giving Briar food between meals and taking great care to feed drained mages well. In a post by Tim Liebe on SheroesCentral he suggests that Gorse and Niko met while they were both imprisoned in Yanjing.

Dedicate Henna is a healer who works with Rosethorn and Briar in Urda's House during the Blue Pox plague in Briar's Book. She eventually dies of the plague, the first death among temple dedicates.

Kirel is Dedicate Frostpine's first apprentice, the second apprentice being Daja Kisubo. He is a novice of the Fire temple, a non-mage and a blacksmithing apprentice. He is sometimes a little jealous of Daja. When Tris passes out on the beach after trying to stop the tide, Kirel is the one Niko calls to carry her back to the temple.

Dedicate Lark lives with Dedicate Rosethorn in Discipline Cottage, a place where kids who need extra help come to stay. Her magic is with thread, and she is very kind to everyone, unlike Rosethorn, who threatens to hang the children in the well if they "so much as breathe on a plant". She is Sandry's main teacher in thread magic.

Dedicate Superior Moonstream is the head of Winding Circle temple. A healer dedicated to the Water temple, Moonstream is called to treat Dedicate Rosethorn towards the end of the Blue Pox plague, in Briar's Book.

Dedicate Osprey is an Air temple Dedicate, and Dedicate Crane's primary helper in his glass-house.

Dedicate Rosethorn is an Earth temple dedicate with Ambient plant magic. Along with Dedicate Lark, she runs Discipline Cottage. Her tongue is very sharp and she only abides Briar and Lark, but she does like the girls, even though she doesn't show it. She nearly dies from the bluepox in Briar's Book, then pneumonia brought on by immune deficiency, but it is actually a seizure that kills her before Briar, aided by Tris, Daja and Sandry, retrieve her soul from Death. She was born in Anderran, the country directly west of Emelan, with the given name of Niva. During the time the books take place, or at least the time of Daja's Book, she is thirty-three years old.

Dedicate Skyfire is the First Dedicate of the Fire temple in Winding Circle temple. He is a former general who dedicated himself to the service of the fire gods upon the death of his wife, and in charge of the Temple Guard. He and the Temple Guard appear in Tris's Book, when Winding Circle is under attack by pirates, and has a passing mention in Cold Fire as having taught Daja how to meditate with a staff.

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