List of Mexican Americans - Political Figures

Political Figures

  • Oscar Zeta Acosta - Politician, Attorney, Minor Novelist and Activist
  • Romana Acosta Bañuelos - former Treasurer of the United States
  • Mike Aguirre - former city attorney of San Diego, California
  • Juan Bautista Alvarado - twice Governor of Alta California from 1836 to 1837 and 1838 to 1842
  • Toney Anaya - US Democratic Politician & Former Governor of New Mexico
  • Rosemary Barkett - federal judge
  • Xavier Becerra - U.S. Representative (CA-31)
  • Cruz Bustamante - former California lieutenant governor
  • Anna Escobedo Cabral - 42nd Treasurer of the United States
  • Carlos Antonio Carrillo - (1783–1852), Gobernor of Alta California, (1837–1838). His father, José Raimundo Carrillo, came from Loreto, México.
  • José Antonio Carrillo - (1796–1862), Californio ranchero, official and political. He was brother of Carlos Antonio Carrillo.
  • Juan José Carrillo - the first mayor of Santa Monica, California
  • José Castro (b. California, 1808 – d. February 1860) was acting governor of Alta California in 1835-1836, and Commandante General of the Mexican army in Alta California at the time of the 1846 Bear Flag Revolt and the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848
  • Raul Hector Castro - governor of Arizona
  • Lauro Cavazos - secretary of education
  • Gabe Cazares - former mayor of Clearwater, Florida
  • Dennis Chavez - U.S. Senator from New Mexico
  • Henry Cisneros - former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and mayor of San Antonio, Texas
  • Henry Cuellar - U.S. House of Representatives Texas's 28th congressional district
  • Mario Gallegos, Jr. - Texas state senator
  • Ruben Garcia Jr.- former Executive Assistant Director of FBI
  • Reynaldo Guerra Garza - first Hispanic judge appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals
  • Tony Garza - U.S. ambassador to Mexico
  • Alberto Gonzales - United States Attorney General
  • Henry Gonzalez (1916–2000) U.S. Representative (Texas)
  • Matt Gonzalez - politician, member of the Green Party
  • Rafael Gonzales - (1789–1857) A native of San Antonio, Texas, he was governor of Coahuila and Texas.
  • Ron Gonzales - former mayor of San José, California
  • Octaviano Ambrosio Larrazolo - former governor of New Mexico and first Latino to serve United States Senate
  • Marco Lopez - mayor of Nogales, Arizona
  • Manuel Lujan Jr. - U.S. Representative from New Mexico
  • Abel Maldonado - 47th Lieutenant Governor of California
  • Rosario Marin - 41st Treasurer of the United States
  • Gloria Molina - Los Angeles County Supervisor and former vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee
  • Joseph Montoya - former U.S. Senator from New Mexico
  • Carlos R. Moreno - Supreme Court Justice, California
  • Fabian Núñez - California State Representative, current Speaker of the California State Assembly
  • Estevan Ochoa- historic mayor of Tucson, Arizona, he was the first Mexican-American mayor after the Gadsen Purchase of 1854
  • Solomon Ortiz - U.S. Representative (TX-27)
  • Mariano S. Otero - a Delegate from the Territory of New Mexico
  • Miguel Antonio Otero - former Governor of New Mexico
  • Romualdo Pacheco - governor of California
  • Alex Padilla- Los Angeles City Council Member
  • Steve Padilla - former mayor of Chula Vista, California
  • Federico Peña - former mayor of Denver, Colorado, former United States Secretary of Transportation and former United States Secretary of Energy
  • Francisco Perea - a Delegate from the Territory of New Mexico
  • Andrés Pico (1810 – February 14, 1876) was, as the political administration changed, a mixed-race Californio youth; a successful rancher and commander; and an influential American politician; in 19th century California. He was brother of Pío Pico
  • Pío Pico (May 5, 1801 – September 11, 1894) was the last Governor of Alta California (now the State of California) under Mexican rule
  • Miguel A. Pulido - mayor Santa Ana, California
  • Cruz Reynoso - former judge on the Supreme Court of California, Presidential Medal of Freedom (Recipient)
  • Bill Richardson - former governor of New Mexico, former U.S. Secretary of Energy
  • Albert Robles - politician and convicted criminal
  • Gloria Romero - Democratic Majority Leader in the California State Senate, college professor
  • Trinidad Romero - Delegate to United States Congress from the Territory of New Mexico
  • Edward Roybal - former U.S. Representative from California
  • Ernesto Ruffo Appel - politician & former governor of Baja California
  • Mary Salas - former California Assembly representative
  • John Salazar - U.S. Representative (CO-3)
  • Ken Salazar - U.S. Senator (CO)
  • Ezequiel D. Salinas - state court judge from Texas
  • Loretta Sanchez - U.S. Representative (CA-47)
  • Linda Sánchez - U.S. Representative (CA-39)
  • Hilda Solis - U.S. Secretary of Labor, former U.S. Representative (CA-32)
  • Raymond Telles - mayor of El Paso, Texas
  • Esteban Edward Torres - former Representatives, U.S. ambassador to UNESCO, and labor activist
  • Gaddi Vasquez - 8th United States Representative to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
  • Antonio Villaraigosa - mayor of Los Angeles
  • Kim McLane Wardlaw - federal judge, US Court of Appeals
  • Brian Sandoval - governor of Nevada
  • Susana Martinez - governor of New Mexico

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