List of Mexican Americans - Military Figures

Military Figures

  • Bertrand Blanchard Acosta - Aviator, Fighter Pilot
  • Lucian Adams - Medal of Honor (World War II)
  • Everett Alvarez Jr. - Navy LCdr/Pilot who endured 8.5 years in Vietnamese captivity and one of the longest periods as a U.S. prisoner of war (POW)
  • David B. Barkley - Medal of Honor (World War I)
  • Roy Benavidez - Medal of Honor (Vietnam War)
  • Robert Cardenas - U.S. Air Force Brigadier General
  • Richard E. Cavazos - first U.S. Army Hispanic 4-star general, Distinguished Service Cross (Korea and Vietnam)
  • Kathlene Contres - U.S. Navy
  • Emilio A. De La Garza - Medal of Honor (Vietnam)
  • Ralph Ellis Dias - Medal of Honor (Vietnam)
  • Daniel Fernandez - Medal of Honor (Vietnam)
  • José María Flores - General and Governor of Alta California (Mexican American War)
  • Guy Gabaldon - Navy Cross recipient, credited with capturing (or persuading to surrender) about 1,500 Japanese soldiers and civilians during the Battle of Saipan (World War II)
  • Marcario Garcia - Medal of Honor (World War II)
  • Edward Gomez- Medal of Honor (Korean War)
  • Harold Gonsalves - Medal of Honor (World War II)
  • David M. Gonzales(1923–1945) - Medal of Honor (World War II) First in Los Angeles
  • Alfredo Cantu Gonzalez - Medal of Honor (Vietnam)
  • Freddy Gonzalez - Medal of Honor, KIA in Huế (Vietnam)
  • Ambrosio Guillen- Medal of Honor (Korean War)
  • Rodolfo P. Hernandez - Medal of Honor (Korean War)
  • Silvestre S. Herrera - Medal of Honor (World War II)
  • Edward Hidalgo - former Secretary of the Navy
  • Jose F. Jimenez - Medal of Honor (Vietnam)
  • Miguel Keith - Medal of Honor (Vietnam)
  • Felix Z. Longoria, Jr. - first Mexican American buried in Arlington National Cemetery (World War II)
  • Jose M. Lopez- Medal of Honor (World War II)
  • Nicolas Lucero - French Croix de guerre (World War I)
  • Benito Martinez - Medal of Honor (Korean War)
  • Joe P. Martinez - Medal of Honor (World War II)
  • Louis Gonzaga Mendez, Jr. - highly decorated Colonel, commander of the 3rd Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment (World War II)
  • Tony Mendez - ex-CIA agent, portrayed in 2012 American film Argo.
  • Ernest Medina - Captain of Company C, 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry of the 11th Brigade, Americal Division
  • Francisco Mercado, Jr. - Distinguished Service Cross
  • Eugene A. Obregon- Medal of Honor (Korean War)
  • Rafael Peralta - Navy Cross (Operation Iraqi Freedom)
  • Oscar F. Perdomo - United States Air Force Flying ace (World War II)
  • Manuel Perez Jr. - Medal of Honor (World War II)
  • Lori Piestewa (1973–2003) - the first woman in the U.S. armed forces killed in the 2003 Iraq war
  • Alfred V. Rascon - Medal of Honor (Vietnam)
  • Louis R. Rocco - Medal of Honor (Vietnam)
  • Cleto Rodriguez - Medal of Honor (World War II)
  • Joseph C. Rodriguez - Medal of Honor (Korean War)
  • Alejandro R. Ruiz - Medal of Honor (World War II)
  • Ricardo Sanchez - United States Army General and Author (Operation Iraqi Freedom)
  • Marcelino Serna - Distinguished Service Cross (World War I)
  • France Silva - Medal of Honor (Boxer Rebellion)
  • Eugene Suarez - U.S. Marine, war photographer, World War II and Korea
  • Jose F. Valdez - Medal of Honor (World War II)
  • Eugene A. Valencia, Jr. - Flying Ace (World War II), Navy Cross
  • Alfred Valenzuela -Major General, United States Army
  • Jay R. Vargas - Medal of Honor (Vietnam)
  • Ysmael R. Villegas - Medal of Honor (World War II)
  • Maximo Yabes - Medal of Honor (Vietnam)
  • Miguel Marquez - Aircraft Fuel Systems Journeyman, SSgt, Retired 10 APR 2012, OIF/OEF Veteran, USAF

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