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New Names

In addition to the above, other nations have been renamed:

  • Belgian Congo → Congo-Léopoldville in 1960 → Congo-Kinshasa in 1963 → Zaire in 1971 → Democratic Republic of Congo in 1997
  • Cambodia → Khmer Republic in 1970 → Kampuchea in 1975→ Cambodia in 1979
  • Czechoslovakia (1918–1939) → Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia in 1939 → Czechoslovakia in 1945
  • British Gambia → Gambia in 1965
  • British Guiana → Guyana in 1966
  • Burma → Myanmar in 1989
  • Ceylon → Sri Lanka in 1972
  • Middle Congo → Congo-Brazzaville in 1960→ Congo in 1992
  • Dahomey → Benin in 1975
  • Dutch East Indies → Indonesia in 1945
  • Suriname → Suriname in 1975
  • Egypt → United Arab Republic in 1958 → Egypt in 1972
  • FLN team → Algeria in 1962
  • French Somaliland → Djibouti in 1977
  • French Togoland → Togo in 1960
  • Gold Coast → Ghana in 1957
  • Irish Free State → Republic of Ireland in 1937
  • Ivory Coast → Côte d'Ivoire in 19831
  • Madagascar → Malagasy Republic in 1958→ Madagascar in 1975
  • Malaya → Malaysia in 1963
  • New Hebrides → Vanuatu in 1980
  • Northern Rhodesia → Zambia in 1964
  • Nyasaland → Malawi in 1966
  • Palestine/Eretz Israel → Israel in 1948
  • Portuguese Guinea → Guinea-Bissau in 1975
  • Southern Rhodesia → Rhodesia in 1964→ Zimbabwe in 1980
  • Russia → Soviet Union in 1923.
  • Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes → Yugoslavia in 1929.
  • Upper Volta → Burkina Faso in 1984
  • Western Samoa → Samoa in 1996

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