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Claud Pincer and Cancer

Claud Pincer, known as Chiyokichi Hasami (狭見 千代吉, Hasami Chiyokichi?) in the original Japanese version, is a boy who frequents at the Big Wave store in Echo Ridge. He has no backstory in the game; he simply wished to test his own power against Geo/Mega Man, though Omega-Xis deduced that since FM-ians are drawn to a human's loneliness, Claud met Cancer because he apparently had no friends, which Claud verified. While Cancer does not have evil intentions like many of his FM brethren, he and his human partner are boastful and pride themselves highly on their skills in battle. He also makes an appearance in Mega Man Star Force 2 as an optional boss on the slopes of Grizzly Peak. Cancer Noise is an available Noise Change in Mega Man Star Force 3.

In the anime, he is a cocky and determined third grade student who was saddened by his lack of friends, resulting in his encounter with Cancer (who accidentally merged with Claud when he was trying to merge with the security guard throwing Claud out of Sonia Strumm's concert). He is a die-hard fan of Sonia's, and is targeted by Cancer after failing to get into one of her concerts without a ticket. Unlike other EM Wave Humans, Cancer Bubble retained Claud's voice and personality, and the transformation is rarely complete (thus, Cancer Bubble is often still wearing Claud's clothes or hat). His Japanese voice actor is Wasabi Mizuta and his English voice actor is Brianne Siddall.

Cancer (キャンサー, Kyansā?) is based on the constellation Cancer. His form is that of a crab. When fused with Claud, he becomes Cancer Bubble (キャンサー・バブル, Kyansā Baburu?). In the anime, from his bond with Claud, Cancer also ended becoming a fan of Sonia and even seemed to have a crush on her at times (he was however, unaware that Sonia was also Lyra Note, whom he had a dislike for until he learned the truth.) Later in the series, Cancer Bubble takes Cygnus' place as leader to oversee the recreation of the Andromeda Key. He is one of the two FM-ians to evade being deleted by Gemini when it came to powering the Andromeda Key since he went to get Mega Man's help. Later in the Tribe series, Cancer becomes an agent for Sonia, helping around her home. Overall, he's the comic relief of the villains (in battle he's depicted as almost completely harmless), much in the same vein as BubbleMan in the series' predecessor, MegaMan NT Warrior. Furthermore, in the Japanese versions, Cancer commonly ends statements with the word "buku," very similar to BubbleMan's tendency to end statements with "puku" (both buku and puku are Japanese onomatopoeia for a bubble bursting). His Japanese voice actor is Daiki Nakamura and his English voice actor is Richard Epcar.

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