List of Masses By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Masses


Setting Year of composition Köchel no. Title Key Notes
No.  1 1768 K. 49 (47d) Missa brevis G major
No.  2 1769 K. 65 (61a) Missa brevis D minor
No.  3 1769 K. 66 Missa solemnis
C major
No.  4 1768 K. 139 (47a) Missa solemnis
"Waisenhausmesse" ("Orphanage Mass")
C minor
No.  5 1773 K. 140 (235d, Anh. C 1.12) Missa brevis G major
No.  6 1774 K. 192 (186f) Missa brevis F major
No.  7 1773 K. 167 Missa solemnis
Missa in honorem Sanctissimae Trinitatis
C major
No.  9 1774 K. 194 (186h) Missa brevis D major
No. 10 1775–1776 K. 220 (196b) Missa brevis
"Spatzenmesse" (Sparrow Mass)
C major also: Missa brevis et solemnis
No. 11 1776 K. 257 "Credo Mass" C major Missa brevis et solemnis
No. 12 1775 K. 258 Missa brevis
C major formerly misidentified as "Spaur"
No. 13 1775 or 1776 K. 259 Missa brevis
("Organ Solo Mass")
C major
No. 14 1776 K. 262 (246a) Missa longa C major
No. 15 1777 K. 275 (272b) Missa brevis B-flat major
No. 16 1779 K. 317 Missa brevis
"Krönungsmesse" (Coronation Mass)
C major
No. 17 1780 K. 337 Missa solemnis C major
No. 18 1782 – 1783 K. 427 (417a) Great Mass in C minor C minor incomplete Missa solemnis
No. 19 1791 K. 626 Requiem D minor completed by Franz Xaver Süssmayr
Note: Additionally, Mozart wrote a Kyrie in F major, K. 33, in Paris on June 12, 1766; and a Kyrie in D minor, K. 341 (368a) from November 1780 to March 1781, possibly in Munich.

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