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Computing Mascots

  • Aleoh the Whyville bird
  • Belenos, sun-god of BeleniX
  • BSD Daemon
  • Camelia, the Perl 6 mascot
  • Clarus the Dogcow of the Apple Developer Connection Tech Support Group
  • Clippit, the Microsoft Word paper clip
  • Devilette, women dressed like the BSD daemon
  • ElePHPant, the PHP Elephant
  • Duke, the mascot of the Java programming language
  • Geeko, the Suse chameleon
  • Glenda, the Plan 9 from Bell Labs bunny
  • The Go Gopher (Go Programming Language)
  • Hexley, the Darwin platypus
  • Kitty, the AROS mascot
  • Konqi, the KDE dragon
  • Larry the Cow, Gentoo Linux
  • Mike the llama of Winamp
  • Mozilla, the Netscape lizard
  • Puffy, the OpenBSD porcupinefish
  • Sakila, the MySQL mascot.
  • Schilli, the SchilliX knight in shining armor.
  • Tux, the Linux penguin
  • Wilber, the GIMP mascot
  • The GNU wildebeest
  • The seagull
  • The Nexenta OS giraffe
  • OS-tan – unofficial avatars, or personifications, of operating systems and important software
  • The Perl Camel
  • The Pidgin pigeon
  • The TeX lion
  • The Metafont lioness

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