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Jason the Renegade is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe. He was created by Peter David and Gary Frank, and first appeared in Incredible Hulk #409.

Jason is a member of the super hero family the Pantheon. Jason often did Agamemnon's dirty work disposing of people who had crossed Agamemnon. Jason defects from the Pantheon when Agamemnon orders him to murder his teammate Ulysses. The task later fell to Pantheon member Achilles. As a result of this Achilles student Walter Charles takes Ulysses's codename and place within the Pantheon. Shortly before this Walter Charles had stabbed Jason in the eye with the handle of a mop. This causes Jason to lose the eye.

Jason had a daughter with fellow Pantheon member Andromeda named Delphi. When Agamemnon leaves the Pantheon mountain headquarters the Mount, Jason seizes upon the opportunity. He returns via the god-realm Asgard. He does not cross from the mortal realm to Asgard, he comes from Asgard to earth, seemingly defeating Heimdall, the guardian of the Rainbow Bridge, along the way., closing in Agamemnon in the city of Boston. He finds the man in Fenway Park. Agamemnon's current guise of a male teenager causes unsuspecting civillains to try and interfere with the adult Jason. This is noted by the Pantheon member 'Ulysses', who had forsaken his assigned tasks to take in a baseball game. The resulting confrontations spill over onto the field itself. A magical portal hidden inside Fenway's 'Green Monster' further interferes with the mission, sucking in many Pantheon members back to Asgard.

Sometime later, Agamemnon reveals the depth of his insanity and tries to destroy the Pantheon. He is captured and tried for his crimes but escapes. He seemingly dies during this incident. Jason is allowed to rejoin the Pantheon, who have set up shop in a new headquarters.

Like his relatives, Jason's endurance, vitality and immortality is derived from comes from a secret deal made between his father and alien beings centuries ago.

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