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The Grappler is an enemy of She-Hulk in the Marvel Comics universe.

The character, created by David Anthony Kraft and Mike Vosburg, first appeared in Savage She-Hulk #18 (July 1981).

Within the context of the stories, Grappler became a master of leverage, both in a physical and financial sense, when advised to study leverage as a youth. He carried a flexible steel rod used as a battle staff, the blunt end of which contained a coil of cable which can be used to entangle an opponent, or serve as a cable to be reeled in. He also used a radio-controlled plane for transportation. His attempt to put leverage to criminal use by stealing an armored car filled with gold is halted by She-Hulk. Later, the Grappler tries to steal coutroom files in order to gain blackmail material. He again confronts She-Hulk, and in his attempt to escape, almost kills her father. She-Hulk creates a shockwave that stuns and stops him.

The Grappler is approached by the villain Firebrand to meet at the "Bar With No Name", to discuss the Scourge of the Underworld, who has been killing villains. The Grappler joins with several other villains at the facility. However, the bartender is the Scourge, who kills everyone.

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