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Behemoth is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe. The Behemoth was first mentioned in Tales to Astonish #77 (March 1966), and was created by Stan Lee and Adam Austin. The character actually appeared in Tales to Astonish #79-80 (May–June 1966).

The Behemoth is an undersea monster created by the Atlanteans as the "ultimate defense." This 30-foot-tall android was created by the most brilliant minds of Atlantis at a time when Atlantis was almost destroyed, to prevent such a disaster from ever occurring again, and was placed in stasis underneath the sea.

Many years later, a gigantic drill boring into the ocean floor on behalf of human scientists caused a series of explosions that rocked Atlantis. These explosions revived the Behemoth, which destroyed everything in its path as it approached Atlantis. Lady Dorma went to the surface to bring back Namor to oppose the creature. Warlord Krang coerced the Puppet Master into making a puppet that Krang could use to control the Behemoth. Namor’s attempts to defeat the Behemoth proved futile, as the construct continued its destructive path towards Atlantis. A school of electric eels commanded by Namor, however, caused a backlash that melted Krang’s puppet, making it ineffective. Namor was then able to create a powerful whirlwind that pulled the Behemoth into a bottomless pit of quicksand, trapping it apparently permanently.

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