List of Malazan Book of The Fallen Characters - J


Character Description Appears in
Janall Queen of Letheras, later Queen of Chains MT, RG
Janath Anar Letherii scholar and political prisoner; later Queen of Letheras and wife of King Tehol RG, DoD, CG
Jarabb Warrior of the Khundryl Burned Tears DoD
Jastara Member of the Khundryl Burnt Tears Dod, CG
Jerlarkan Prince and ruler of Capustan MoI
Jhess Queen of Weaving CG
Jibb Soldier in the Bonehunters HoC, RG
Job Bole Mott Irregular MoI
Jorrick Sharplance Crimson Guard officer GotM
Jorrude Tiste Liosan Senschal HoC
Jula Bole Retired Mott Irregular and Trygalle Trade Guild shareholder TH

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