List of Malaysian List A Cricketers

This is a list of Malaysian List A cricketers. List A cricket matches are those between international teams or the highest standard of domestic teams in which teams have one innings each limited to a certain amount of overs, usually between 40 and 50, though other over limits have been used. This list is not limited to those who have played List A cricket for Malaysia and may include Malaysian players who played their List A cricket elsewhere. The list is in alphabetical order.

Name Career Span Matches Teams
Chew Cheong 1998 4 Malaysia
Siswanto Haidi 1998 4 Malaysia
Sarath Jayawardene 1993-2005 16 Antonians Sports Club, Panadura Sports Club
Thusara Kodikara 1993-1998 5 Antonians Sports Club
Rakesh Madhavan 1998 6 Malaysia
Ramesh Menon 1998 7 Malaysia
Marimuthu Muniandy 1998 5 Malaysia
Jeevandran Nair 1998 5 Malaysia
Suresh Navaratnam 1998 3 Malaysia
John Prakash 1998 1 Malaysia
Kunjiraman Ramadas 1998 7 Malaysia
Shankar Retinam 1998 3 Malaysia
Rohan Selvaratnam 1998 7 Malaysia
Arul Suppiah 2002-2007 35 Devon, Somerset, Somerset Cricket Board
Rohan Suppiah 1998 4 Malaysia
Suresh Singh 1998 2 Malaysia
David Thalalla 1998 7 Malaysia
Santhara Vello 1998 5 Malaysia
Matthew William 1998 7 Malaysia

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