List of Major League Baseball Seasons - 1970s


Year American League Champion National League Champion World Series Champion
1970 Baltimore Orioles Cincinnati Reds Baltimore Orioles (4-1)
1971 Baltimore Orioles Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates (4-3)
1972 Oakland Athletics Cincinnati Reds Oakland Athletics (4-3)
1973 Oakland Athletics New York Mets Oakland Athletics (4-3)
1974 Oakland Athletics Los Angeles Dodgers Oakland Athletics (4-1)
1975 Boston Red Sox Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds (4-3)
1976 New York Yankees Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds (4-0)
1977 New York Yankees Los Angeles Dodgers New York Yankees (4-2)
1978 New York Yankees Los Angeles Dodgers New York Yankees (4-2)
1979 Baltimore Orioles Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates (4-3)

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