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Political Scientists

  • Benjamin Barber, professor of political science, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Scott Barrett, professor of political science at Johns Hopkins University
  • Sarah Gibson Blanding, Vassar College's sixth president and first female president
  • Ralph Bunche, political scientist and diplomat, Nobel Peace Prize winner
  • Verity Burgmann, professor of political science, University of Melbourne
  • William Christian, political scientist at the University of Guelph
  • Ivor Martin Crewe, political scientist, Vice-Chancellor of University of Essex
  • Amy Gutmann, political scientist, President of the University of Pennsylvania
  • James Jupp AM, British/Australian political scientist and author
  • Matthew Kalkman, author of New Liberalism (book)
  • Harold Laski, political scientist and economist, colleague of Albert Einstein
  • Jim Leach, John L. Weinberg Visiting Professor of Public and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University
  • Steven Lukes, political and social theorist
  • Shireen Mazari, political scientist from Pakistan
  • Ralph Miliband, political scientist
  • Brendan O'Leary, Irish political scientist, Lauder Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Bhikhu Parekh, Baron Parekh, political theorist
  • Louis Pauly, political scientist
  • Satyabrata Rai Chowdhuri, political scientist, diplomat and author
  • Jill Vickers, political scientist

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