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Original Members

Riki Naoe (直枝 理樹, Naoe Riki?)
Voiced by: Tomoe Tamiyasu (game), Yui Horie (anime)
Riki is the male protagonist of Little Busters! and is the role the player assumes in the game. He is the fifth member of the Little Busters, and of them, he is seen as the weakest due to his girlish appearance and physical build, but he is the only one that is straightforward and has common sense among them. His parents died when he was very young, and around the same time he was diagnosed with narcolepsy.
Riki is the weakest of the original five members, but his starting attribute values increase on each play through and can eventually match and outgrow Kyousuke's statistics. He also has above-average values on concentration and judgment attributes, so coupled with some agility and reflex enhancing accessories, he can be a force to be reckoned with during battle. The player can raise Riki's statistics faster by hitting the balls to Kyousuke during baseball practice, which is needed to prepare for Mask the Saitō's battle. It is not very useful during the baseball game, however, since he must play as a catcher. If Riki manages to get Mask the Saitō's mask accessory, it will raise all of his statistics by fifty during battle, making him almost invulnerable unless he gets a sub par weapon.
Rin Natsume (棗 鈴, Natsume Rin?)
Voiced by: Tomoe Tamiyasu
Rin is the main heroine in the story. She is the younger sister of Kyousuke Natsume and is the only female member out of the five original members of the Little Busters. She does not communicate well and is seen as inarticulate. Due to this, she is anti-social, and is usually seen alone. When playing baseball with the others, Rin is an ace pitcher, although she used to be quite a bad pitcher—her throws would go in completely unpredictable directions—until she gets into a baseball stand-off between Sasami, where she demonstrates two "super-power" pitches, where one of them is a fastball and the other one is her own version of a changeup. Rin loves cats and at school takes care of several strays; it is not uncommon for several cats to crawl onto her. One such extremely overweight cat she named "Dorj" (ドルジ, Doruji?); other, much smaller, cats she has named "Hitler" (ヒットラー, Hittorā?), "Fabre" (ファーブル, Fāburu?), "Tezuka" (テヅカ, Tezuka?), and "Isoroku" (五十六, Isoroku?). Rin often has a white kitten named "Lennon" (レノン, Renon?) with her which rides either on her head or shoulder. Rin's name means "bell", and she wears a bell in her hair.
Rin has only a slightly higher statistics than Riki at the start, but she is one of the characters other than Riki whose attribute values grow after each play through. Though she does not stack much items, she can be made to be one of the strongest characters just by playing through the baseball practice mini game and can even rival with Kengo in strength. She is the only character who can use cat items to summon her cats as a weapon during battle, but it is one of the weakest weapons until Rin gains more hit counts with her exclusive weapon. The cat weapon is also particularly vulnerable against fireworks weapons since they can disable her ability to do multiple attacks, which is the main strength of her exclusive weapon.
During the baseball practice session, players can unlock additional types of pitches for her to use, which include the curveball, shootball, slider, sinker, knuckleball, and a "super fastball". Players can achieve this by hitting the ball to the cats around the field hard enough to knock them out. The exception is Dorj which appears only in Ecstasy; the ball will simply bounce back to the player. After doing this eleven times, one type of pitch chosen randomly will be available for Rin to use during the practice sessions and during the game. The additional pitches gained during practice (with the exception of a straight ball and a changeup) can also serve to give Rin a bonus increase in her statistics whenever that pitch is thrown. While this will help tremendously during the baseball game, it can be a double-edged sword during the practice sessions. Players will face those additional types of pitches that can be challenging to hit, especially if Rin learns the super fastball. Hitting a cat also disrupts any combo streak the player can achieve by hitting back the ball the defender throws. This can be detrimental to the player if trying to achieve five-hundred hits before Kengo joins the team.
Players can also make Rin go on a mission to fight a mysterious creature during gameplay. She must face the creature a total of four times; the last two fights must be done in a single day. Since she will fight with no weapons, her strength attribute will be the sole factor of her damage output, so it is recommended to try giving her some strength enhancing accessories with a high agility attribute to allow her to land a first attack. Once Rin completely defeats the creature, Rin will face a tougher type of creature in the player's next play through. There are a total of three creatures, each subsequently tougher than the previous one. The third type can be extremely difficult to defeat even with Rin in her maximum stats obtained by subsequent playthroughs.
Kyousuke Natsume (棗 恭介, Natsume Kyōsuke?)
Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa, Yū Kamonomiya (young)
Kyousuke is the leader of the Little Busters, and is one year older than the other four members. He often comes up with absurd ideas, but almost always he follows up with a reasonable explanation along with it. He suffers from a brother-sister complex, as he wants his sister Rin to call him onii-chan (meaning brother in an affectionate way), but Rin does not want to, preferring to call him by his name. In truth, Kyousuke had planned that Komari, Haruka, Kudryavka, Yuiko, and Mio would eventually join the Little Busters. The plan was that he, along with the help of others, would create the artificial world in order to make Rin and Riki strong enough to face the reality. His methods, however, turn out to be too strong for Rin, which eventually causes her to suffer from a mental breakdown after the time loop. In Refrain, Kyousuke starts lamenting himself after his plan backfires, but before the time loops back, Riki unconsciously vows to Kyousuke that he will become more stronger than before. Remembering this, he starts to act like he is suffering from depression, much like how Riki was when his parents died. This makes Riki to strengthen himself up in order to care for Rin and to re-invite Masato and Kengo, who have gone their own separate ways, into the Little Busters again. In the meantime, he sometimes returns to the real world in an attempt to delay the bus explosion, and also at one time, helps Riki by dropping off a hint. After Riki manages to reform the Little Busters, Kyousuke is invited to back to the group by Riki the same way Kyousuke invited Riki. After Masato disappears during a game of baseball, Kyousuke reveals everything about the artificial world to Riki and Rin, who finally wakes up from the artificial world to face the reality. He is largely hinted to be Shun Tokikaze, the leader of the darkness executives in Saya's route.
Kyousuke is the most well-rounded character in the mini games and is one of the most active players on the baseball field. It is recommended that he plays as an outfielder to take advantage of his wide defense area coverage. It is vital to hit the balls to him during practice sessions if the player wants to raise Riki's statistics faster for a battle ranking game. Ironically he becomes the weakest member of the original five after the player completes all of the heroines' routes. In a battle ranking game, when the player as Riki gets to the first place after being sent to the bottom ranking, the "Mask the Saitō" character will appear, who is actually Kyousuke. He can use any weapon with maximum hit counts except for special weapons like the machine gun, a replica of Muramasa, or science team weapons. His appearance and voice will give the player the impression that he is Kyousuke, but ironically no one in the Little Busters, not even Rin, seem to know about his true identity. If Riki keeps maintaining his first place status, he will get challenged by Mask the Saitō, after Mask the Saitō gets to second or third place. Once Riki manages to defeat Mask the Saitō, he will remove his mask in front of him, thus revealing his true identity and have Riki become the next Mask the Saitō. The mask increases Riki's statistics by fifty, making Riki almost invulnerable; however, the mask cannot be traded.
Masato Inohara (井ノ原 真人, Inohara Masato?)
Voiced by: Nobutoshi Canna
Masato is a member of the Little Busters, and is Riki's roommate. He has a particular fondness for Riki, which he is more than willing to express out aloud. He loves to work out and improve his muscle mass. His rival is Kengo Miyazawa, fellow member of the Little Busters. In Refrain, he left the Little Busters, thinking Riki is not strong enough to led the group. After Riki questions him about what he is planning to do after leaving the Little Busters, Masato answers that he wants to prove that he is the strongest, and when he thinks about how he was defeated on May 13 and his will to become the strongest, it leads to his rampage, when everyone in his point of view becomes Masato, which in truth is his state of confusion on what he is living for. After he is defeated by Riki and Rin, Masato has a flashback about his past. He was bullied when he was little; he needed strength not to be bullied so he trained his muscles to be number one, but at the same time he felt lonely, and later wonders about what he is living for. One day, Kyousuke challenged him to a battle and he is defeated. After listening to Masato's story, Kyousuke invited Masato to the Little Busters, and Masato felt that his battle was over as he now had friends. Riki invites Masato to the Little Busters the same way Kyousuke did, and he agrees to join again. During the school excursion, he saves Riki in the real world during the bus accident.
Unsurprisingly, Masato has the highest starting strength and stamina points out of all characters in the game. However, his all other attributes are average or below-average, which play a more important role on the mini games. His low concentration and judgment points mean he is more likely to make tactical errors during the baseball game. Depending on the choice the player makes during May 17, however, his skills during the baseball game can be increased further, though he still has a tendency on making mistakes.
Kengo Miyazawa (宮沢 謙吾, Miyazawa Kengo?)
Voiced by: Yūsei Oda, Yū Kamonomiya (young)
Kengo is a member of the Little Busters. He is skilled in the art of kendo and seemingly has a cynical personality, but his passion for the Little Busters is unmatched by anyone. Kengo is recruited after Masato, Kyousuke and Rin defeat his father, making him the fourth member of Little Busters. Kengo gets into a disagreement with Kyousuke's method of strengthening Riki and Rin, which eventually proves to be too tough for Rin. In Refrain, when Rin breaks down mentally and Kyousuke's plan has backfired on him, Kengo tries to find a way so that they can keep living in the artificial world indefinitely rather than letting Riki and Rin face the harsh reality in the real world. The arm injury bandage he had in Refrain is a fake. However, after he is defeated by Rin in a baseball game, he realizes how strong Rin has become. He later regrets his action and breaks into tears, remembering how Kyousuke saved him from his eternal path of kendo by defeating his father, and rejoins the Little Busters. During the school excursion, he saves Rin in the real world during the bus accident.
Kengo has the second-highest starting strength and stamina, and unlike Masato, Kengo is also reasonably high on reflex and agility. He will not participate in the baseball game during first-time play through, limiting the team to eight members. Once he does participate, he can be a very valuable infielder, and if the player manages to record more than five-hundred hits during practice session before he joins the team, his skills during the baseball game will increase tremendously. For battle, he has a tendency to stack up stamina enhancing accessories (which, not surprisingly, are protective armor parts from his kendo club) so defense-wise, he can be quite resilient.

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