List of Latin Place Names in Iberia - Spain - Cities and Towns

Cities and Towns

Canonical Latin Name (source(s): variant(s)) English Name (native language(s)) - older name(s), (other language(s)), location(s)
Abdera Adra, Andalusia
Acinipo Ronda la Vieja, near Ronda, Andalusia
Allabo Alagon, Aragon
Arunda Ronda, Andalusia
Asturica Augusta Astorga, León
Baelo Claudia Bolonia, a village near Tarifa, Andalusia
Baetulo Badalona, Catalonia
Barcino Barcelona, Catalonia
Baria Villaricos, Andalusia
Beligio Belchite / Azuara / Azaila, Aragon
Bilbilis Calatayud, Aragon
Flavium Brigantium probably Betanzos, Galicia
Bursao Borja, Aragon
Caesaraugusta Saragossa, Aragon
Calagurris Calahorra, La Rioja
Carthago Nova Cartagena
Colonia Victrix Iulia Lepida / C. V. I. Celsa Gelsa / Velilla de Ebro, Aragon
Complutum Alcalá de Henares, Madrid
Contrebia Belaisca Botorrita, Aragon
Corduba (2PG3) Córdoba
Dertusa Tortosa, Catalonia
Egara Terrassa, Catalonia
Emerita Augusta Mérida
Flaviobriga Castro Urdiales, Cantabria
Gades Cádiz, Andalusia
Gerunda Girona, Catalonia
Granata Granada
Hispalis (2PG3) Seville
Iacca Jaca, Aragon
Ilerda Lleida, Catalonia
Iluro Mataró, Catalonia
Iria Flavia Iria Flavia, Galicia
Labitolosa La Puebla de Castro, Aragon
Legio VII Gemina León
Lucentum Alicante
Lucus Augusti Lugo, Galicia
Matrix, Matritum Madrid
Malaca (2PG3) Málaga
Minorisa Manresa, Catalonia
Numantia Soria
Oiasso Oiartzun, Basque Country
Pompaelo, Pampalona, Pampelona Pamplona, Navarre
Salmantica Salamanca
Segeda Belmonte de Gracián / Mara, Aragon
Tarraco Tarragona, Catalonia
Toletum Toledo
Tude, Tyde Tui, Galicia
Turiaso Tarazona, Aragon
Urci Almería, Andalusia
Valentia Valencia
Virgis Berja

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