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10 Players

The Chicago Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams saw 10 players move on 1959-03-23. This was another "one-for-several" trade, as the Rams sent nine players to Chicago for just one.

Chicago received: Los Angeles received:
  • HB Don Brown
  • T Frank Fuller
  • DT Art Hauser
  • FB Larry Hickman
  • DE Glenn Holtzman
  • T Ken Panfil
  • E John Tracey
  • 1960 second-round pick (OG Mike McGee)
  • Player to be delivered during 1959 training camp
  • HB Ollie Matson

On 1987-10-31, the Buffalo Bills, Indianapolis Colts and Los Angeles Rams traded 10 players between them.

Buffalo received: Indianapolis received: Los Angeles received:
  • Rights to LB Cornelius Bennett
  • RB Eric Dickerson
  • RB Greg Bell
  • 1988 first-round pick (RB Gaston Green)
  • 1989 first-round pick (RB Cleveland Gary)
  • 1989 second-round pick (CB Darryl Henley)
  • from Indianapolis
  • RB Owen Gill
  • 1988 first-round pick (WR Aaron Cox)
  • 1988 second-round pick (LB Fred Strickland)
  • 1989 second-round pick (DE Frank Stams)

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