List of Lakes in Maine - Lincoln County

Lincoln County

Name Area
Adjoining towns
Damariscotta Lake 4,686 87,801 Jefferson, Newcastle, Nobleboro
Pemaquid Pond 1,537 25,667 Bremen, Damariscotta, Nobleboro, Waldoboro
Clary (Pleasant) Lake 674 6,349 Jefferson, Whitefield
Long Pond 504 4,288 Windsor, Somerville
Dyer Long Pond 425 3,214 Jefferson
Biscay Pond 382 11,512 Bristol, Damariscotta
Dresden Bog 337 3,331 Alna, Dresden
Duckpuddle Pond 318 3,465 Nobleboro, Waldoboro
Medomak Pond 239 2,337 Waldoboro
Webber Pond 220 3,112 Bremen
Sherman Lake 215 531 Edgecomb
Turner Pond 199 388 Somerville, Palermo
McCurdy Pond 194 3,423 Bremen
Paradise (Muddy) Pond 168 952 Damariscotta
Sidensparker Pond 154 864 Waldoboro
Little Dyer Pond 112 900 Jefferson
Knickerbocker Ponds 109 1,350 Boothbay
Boyd Pond 94 Bristol
Travel Pond 92 330 Jefferson
Kalers Pond 89 590 Waldoboro
Havener Pond 84 536 Warren, Waldoboro
Little Pond 83 1,239 Damariscotta
West Harbor Pond 80 915 Boothbay Harbor
Gardiner Pond 79 896 Wiscasset
Adams Pond 78 740 Boothbay
Little Medomak Pond 77 1,002 Waldoboro
Three Corner Pond 74 1,004 Jefferson
Cooks Pond 74 807 Nobleboro
Lily Pond 65 416 Edgecomb
James Pond 56 535 Somerville
Deer Meadow Pond 51 573 Jefferson
Weary Pond 43 413 Whitefield
Musquash Pond 30 192 Jefferson
Mill Pond 30 292 Washington, Somerville
Clark Cove Pond 30 South Bristol
Wiley Pond 23 120 Boothbay
Givens (Longfellow) Pond 23 195 Whitefield
Pinkham Pond 22 175 Alna
Heal Pond 22 Westport
Horn Pond 20 153 Jefferson
Ross Pond 16 147 Bristol
Little Pond 15 146 Bristol
French Pond 14 Somerville
Peter's (Gross) Pond 12 Waldoboro
Tobias Pond 11 102 Nobleboro, Waldoboro

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