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  • Contactless smart transport card: Seoul has the world's longest experience of using contactless transport cards. The Korean system integrator Intec and Seoul Bus Union first launched a test of their system in a trial from October to December 1995. The first contactless e-Ticketing systems went live in 1996 in Seoul and 1997 in Hongkong.
  • Coloring Ring back tone: A South Korean wireless services provider, invented this type of ringback tones for cellphone networks. CRBT (Coloring Ring back tones) are pieces of music and audio clips that callers hear instead of normal ringing tone when they dial a specific number. The original service first premiered by South Korean operator SK Telecom in April 2002.
  • WiBro: An abbreviation of wireless broadband, refers to the Mobile WiMAX system developed and deployed in Korea.
  • Digital Multimedia Broadcasting: The technology was developed in South Korea.
  • Digital Mobile TV: By developing Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, Korea became the first nation in the world to introduce moble television.
  • Virtual Store: A Korean supermarket chain, Home Plus has developed a "virtual" store by Homeplus CEO Lee Seung-han, who originally had the idea in 2008. It allows consumers to do their shopping with smartphones from the subway station with the Homeplus App and get the items delivered to their doorsteps. It opened at Seolleung subway station in Seoul, Korea.
  • LTE service: The world's first commercial LTE device, developed by Samsung, was provided for the world's first LTE service in Stockholm. The South Korean company is providing the LTE infrastructure on the MetroPCS, North America’s first operator offering 4G LTE services.

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