List of Korean Dishes - Beverages


  • Makgeolli - Korean rice wine
  • Insam cha (인삼차) - Korean ginseng tea
  • Saenggang cha (생강차) - Tea made from ginger root.
  • Sujeonggwa (수정과) - dried persimmon punch
  • Sikhye (식혜) - sweet rice beverage
  • Yujacha (유자차) - citron tea
  • Bori cha (보리차) - roasted barley tea
  • Oksusu cha (옥수수차) - roasted corn tea
  • Hyeonmi cha (현미차) - roasted brown rice tea
  • Sungnyung (숭늉) - beverage made from boiled scorched rices
  • Yulmucha (율무차) - Job's tears tea
  • Gyeolmyeongja cha (결명자차, 決明子茶) - made from roasted Senna obtusifolia seeds
  • Misu (미수, 米水) - several grains such as rice, barley, beans, glutinous rice, brown rice, Job's tears, etc. are roasted and then ground to be added to water.
  • Sungnyung (숭늉): The remains of the rice removed from the pot mixed with water and boiled into a soup.

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