List of Judges of The United States Tax Court - Former Judges

Former Judges

Judge Began active
Ended active
Ended senior
Arnold, William W.William W. Arnold 1935 1950
Arundell, C. RogersC. Rogers Arundell 1925 1969
Beghe, RenatoRenato Beghe 1999 2003 2012
Black, EugeneEugene Black 1929 1966
Clapp, CharlesCharles Clapp 1983 1998
Disney, Richard L.Richard L. Disney 1951
Drennen, William MillerWilliam Miller Drennen 1958 1972
Fay, William M.William M. Fay 1961 2000
Forrester, Bruce M.Bruce M. Forrester 1957 1978
Harron, Marion JanetMarion Janet Harron 1936 1970
Hill, Samuel B.Samuel B. Hill 1936 1953
Johnson, Luther AlexanderLuther Alexander Johnson 1946 1956
Kern, Jr., John W.John W. Kern, Jr. 1971
III, Jules G. KörnerJules G. Körner III 1981 1997
Leech, James RussellJames Russell Leech 1932 1952
Mellott, Arthur JohnsonArthur Johnson Mellott 1935 1945
Murdock, J. EdgarJ. Edgar Murdock 1926 1968
Opper, Clarence V.Clarence V. Opper 1938 1965
Quealy, William H.William H. Quealy 1969 1980
Raum, ArnoldArnold Raum 1950 1978 1998
Rice, Stephen E.Stephen E. Rice 1952 1958
Shields, PerryPerry Shields 1982 1994
Simpson, Charles R.Charles R. Simpson 1965 1987
Smith, Charles P.Charles P. Smith 1946
Sternhagen, John M.John M. Sternhagen 1924 1945
Tannenwald, Jr., TheodoreTheodore Tannenwald, Jr. 1965 1983 1999
Turner, Bolon B.Bolon B. Turner 1968
Tyson, John A.John A. Tyson 1950
Van Fossan, Ernest H.Ernest H. Van Fossan 1926 1961
Wiles, Darrell D.Darrell D. Wiles 1972 1987
Wright, Lawrence A.Lawrence A. Wright 1984 1996

Special Trial Judges

  • D. Irvin Couvillion (special trial judge, 1985-)
  • Carleton D. Powell (special trial judge, 1985–2007)
  • John J. Pajak (special trial judge, 1979-)
  • Norman H. Wolfe (special trial judge, 1985-)
  • Daniel J. Dinan (special trial judge, 1991-)

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