List of Jewish American Activists - Activists - Socialists, Anarchists and Communists (historical)

Socialists, Anarchists and Communists (historical)

  • Alexander Berkman, anarchist leader
  • Daniel De Leon, revolutionary socialist leader
  • Emma Goldman, anarchist leader
  • Murray N. Rothbard, anarchist leader
  • Charles Ruthenberg, early leader of the Communist Party USA
  • Max Shachtman, democratic socialist leader and theorist

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Famous quotes containing the words communists and/or anarchists:

    The believing mind reaches its perihelion in the so-called Liberals. They believe in each and every quack who sets up his booth in the fairgrounds, including the Communists. The Communists have some talents too, but they always fall short of believing in the Liberals.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)

    Whether we immoralists do any harm to virtue?—Just as little as anarchists do to princes. It is only because they have been shot at that they once again sit securely on their thrones. Moral: we must shoot at morals.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)